Yellow fever: ‘It’s almost like these uniforms give these guys superpowers,’ as the Red Sox turn yellow

September 27, 2021

For the Boston Red Sox, the color of autumn is yellow. Ever since the unveiling of the team’s “City Connect” alternate uniforms over two games in mid-April, several players had politicked to wear them again—with outfielder Alex Verdugo proving particularly enthusiastic and persistent. Finally, at the start of the last homestand of the season, the team elected to wear them for a three-game series against the Orioles, The Boston Globe reports.

 Bryan Loor-Almonte, a Red Sox communications manager who’d been in charge of the outreach related to the launch of the uniforms in April, watched the game nervously.

 “The first one’s always the scariest,” Loor-Almonte told the Globe. “It’s one of those where I’m hoping we win the first game of this series because if we don’t, we’re probably never going to wear these until next April.”

 The Sox beat the Orioles, 7-1, then followed with two more wins to sweep the series. With the team on a five-game winning streak, the uniforms transformed almost instantly from novelty to staple.

 “I know it’s not white and red. I know we’re not the Yellow Sox. But we need wins right now,” said shortstop Xander Bogaerts. “So if it’s yellow, it’s yellow.”

The team then swept two games from the Mets in the uniforms this past week—seven straight wins overall, five in the yellow-and-blues.

They planned to wear them on Friday night against the Yankees for the start of the three-game series, and almost surely will continue wearing them at least until they lose a game.

“We’re not superstitious. We just love routines,” said manager Alex Cora. “It just so happens at 6 o’clock, the uniforms are there. It’s part of our routine right now.”

Seven MLB teams this year worked with Nike to develop “City Connect” alternate uniforms for the season, with bold designs meant to celebrate the bonds between teams and their residences. The Red Sox introduced theirs April 17-18 — the weekend leading up to Patriots Day, the traditional Marathon Monday.

 Research contact: @BostonGlobe

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