WK Kellogg debuts new cereal brand in better-for-you push

January 16, 2024

WK Kellogg is ringing in 2024 with a new cereal brand, Eat Your Mouth Off. The vegan offering is the cereal giant’s first new product launch since spinning off into its own business last fall, reports Food Dive.

The “puff” cereal—targeted at Millennials and Gen Z—comes in two flavors, Fruity and Chocolate. Each contains 22 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar per bowl.

The launch comes as WK Kellogg works to establish itself as its own business by diversifying its portfolio and adapting to a greater interest in health foods as consumer tastes shift.

An array of nutrition and industry experts believe cereal is in long-term decline, with a growing number of consumers citing its high sugar content and high processing as negatives. Leaders in the category are working to maintain its status as a premier breakfast option by rolling out new offerings aimed at health-conscious consumers.

As a newly spun off company following its launch as a fully-cereal business last year, WK Kellogg is aiming to redefine its role in the breakfast space as one that provides nutritious offerings.

In a statement, WK Kellogg’s Senior Marketing Director Sadie Garcia said the new brand aimed to “deconstruct” traditional cereals and create a new alternative.

“Crafted specifically for Zillennials in pursuit of a brand that mirrors their unique personalities, our latest creation is an unfiltered expression of the no-nonsense ethos that we, as a brand, represent,” Garcia said.

The company’s CEO Gary Pilnick tells Food Dive that the company has also quietly lowered the sugar content of two of its most popular cereals, Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops, by double-digits in recent years.

Other leading companies in the ready-to-eat cereal space are taking advantage of rising consumer demand for breakfast offerings that contain healthier attributes and unique ingredients.

For example, Post debuted a new offering last year aimed at helping consumers fulfill late-night cravings while preparing them for a solid night’s sleep. Its Sweet Dreams cereal—available in Honey Moonglow and Blueberry Midnight—contains a “nighttime herbal blend” and ingredients including zinc, folic acid and B vitamins, which the company claims melatonin production ahead of sleeping.

Research contact: @FoodDive