With a meeting in the works, fewer fear North Korea

March 14, 2018

Americans increasingly approve of the White House’s handling of the North Korea situation, following President Donald Trump’s acceptance of a meeting invitation from the Hermit Kingdom’s leader, Kim Jong Un.

Based on findings of a poll of 1,223 adults nationwide by CBS News—conducted by SSRS during the past week and released on March 13—64% of Americans still express unease about the situation.

However, 32%—most of them, Republicans—now are “confident that [the Korea situation] will resolve without conflict.” Specifically, the number of nervous Republicans has dropped by a dramatic 19 points since the last poll was taken.

The president’s approval rating on handling North Korea has risen to 42%, according to CBS News, from where it was in January (34%). Disapproval now stands at 50%—down from 59% last August. The uptick in approval comes mostly from independents and Republicans.

The president’s overall job approval rating remains virtually unchanged, now at 38%. As has been the case since the start of his term, a large majority of Republicans continue to approve of the job he’s doing, while most Democrats disapprove.

Research contact: @CBSNews

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