Whom do you trust? American voters are not so sure

February 8, 2018

Americans are languishing in a “Great Divide” and—following the release of the latest Quinnipiac University National Poll, on February 7—Tim Malloy, assistant director of the research organization, confirmed it.

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not out to get President Donald Trump, American voters say, but they do feel [that] the President is out to get Mueller,” he commented, adding, “And almost half of voters think Republicans in Congress are trying to obstruct the Russia investigation.”

Indeed, the recent poll found that 50% of U.S. voters think that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is legitimate, even as 42% say it is a “political witch hunt.”

While there is an obvious partisan divide on these questions, Independent voters say:

  • 56%-37% that Trump is attempting to derail the Russia investigation;
  • 49%-42% that Republicans in Congress are trying to derail the Russian probe; and
  • 54%-39% that the investigation is legitimate rather than a witch hunt.

What’s more, the FBI is not biased against Trump, voters say (55%-33%).

“Despite the beating they’ve taken from the White House, the judiciary and the intelligence communities are considered [to be] a lot more trustworthy than the Oval Office and the Fourth Estate,” said Malloy.

Finally, based on the research, voters trust the U.S. court system (67%- 28%) to do what is right, as well as the U.S. intelligence agencies (61%-31%).

Research contact: peter.brown@quinnipiac.edu

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