White Post Farm appeals for names for baby armadillo

July 4, 2023

A U.K.-based ‘visitor farm’—similar to an American ‘petting zoo’— has put out an appeal for help in naming a seven-week-old baby armadillo, born on May 12, reports the BBC.

The tiny female armadillo is the first exotic mammal the team at White Post Farm in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, has reared since obtaining a zoo license in 2020.

Two six-banded armadillos arrived at the farm in 2021 and have became one of its most popular attractions.

Head of Exotics Martin Vernon said the arrival of their baby was a “great achievement, “ noting that “Successfully breeding armadillos is very difficult so this is fantastic news.”

Since posting about the newcomer on Facebook, the farm says families have visited especially to see the armadillos.

Vernon added,  “The little one was born on 12 May; but it was really important we kept it under wraps whilst we carefully monitored the first weeks of her life. Matilda, who is mum, is doing so well and looking after her baby brilliantly.

“We’ve actually had quite a few families that have come in especially to see it after last night’s Facebook post.”

Of the baby’s personality, he says, “It is quite shy but getting braver all the time.”

Visitors and supporters of the farm have been invited to suggest names for the new arrival on the attraction’s Facebook page.

Research contact: @BBC