White House teams up with Match Group to add vaccination stickers to dating profiles

May 24, 2021

The Dallas-based Match Group has teamed up with the White House to promote COVID-19 vaccinations across its leading U.S. brands—among them, Tinder, Match, OkCupid, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, BLK, and Chispa.

Campaigns will include information on where to find COVID-19 vaccine sites and vaccination badges for singles to display on their profiles; as well as free “Super Likes” and other boost-type features for U.S. users who say they are vaccinated.

The campaigns will launch in the coming weeks and run until July 4th.

“Human connection is so vital for healthy lives—it’s why I am so committed to this business,” said Shar Dubey, CEO of Match Group in a company press release. “We are honored to work with the White House on increasing vaccinations across America, which will allow people to once again meet in person and engage in meaningful ways. This will make dating safer for everyone, everywhere.”

For many users across Match Group’s dating platforms, COVID-19 vaccinations are seen as a necessary step for singles to be able to date safely in person. Users this year have proactively posted about their vaccine status and say they view this as an important component of compatibility.

Below are examples of vaccine promotion campaigns launching across Match Group:

  • Tinder:Members will be able to add a variety of stickers to their profiles, including “I’m Vaccinated” or “Vaccines Save Lives,” with Tinder giving those who support the campaign a free “Super Like” to help them stand out among potential matches starting in early June. Tinder also will launch a “Vaccine Center” with a suite of resources to educate and connect members with their nearest vaccination site.
  • Match:Members will be able to add a new “Vaccinated” badge to their profile to display their vaccine status, with those who participate in the campaign receiving a free “Boost” to help them stand out on the app.
  • OkCupid: Daters will be able to add an “I’m Vaccinated” profile badge and will be featured within OkCupid’s “Vaccinated” stack—its new matching system. Those who participate also will receive a free “Boost.” The campaign will begin May 24.
  • Hinge:Hinge will give users who participate in their vaccination campaign a free “Rose,” which indicates to other users that they’re especially excited to get to know them. Hinge will encourage users to share their vaccination status on their profile starting June 1.
  • Plenty of Fish: Members will be able to add an “I Got My Shot” badge to their profiles in early June. Those who participate will receive 20 Live! credits to use on the Plenty of Fish Live! streaming feature
  • BLK: BLK will add a new “Vaxified” profile badge for singles to show their support for ending the COVID-19 pandemic. When singles add the badge to their profile, they will also get a free “Boost” on the app to be one of the first profiles seen by their matches.
  • Chispa:Chispa will add a new “Vacunado” profile badge for Latinx singles to show their support for ending the pandemic. Singles who add the badge to their profile will get a free “Boost,” making them one of the first profiles to be seen by their matches. The feature will be available starting June 1

Additional details on campaigns will be available in the coming weeks.

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