When it’s past time to pack a relationship in, ExBox will help you pack it up

January 15, 2019

In the past, when a single woman (or man) “threw the bum out,” the former beloved’s belongings often were tossed unceremoniously out of the window and onto the lawn below. But now, there’s a more civilized way to deal with the unwanted detritus of a failed relationship.

ExBox, a new service by on-demand storage solution New York City-based MakeSpace and media company Mschf, is here to help you get those physical reminders of your ex—his favorite hoodie, her teddy bear—out of your space in a timely manner, according to a report by Real Simple.

With a service that current is available in the New York metropolitan area; as well as in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles—and soon will be opening its doors in Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco—ExBox will put those unwelcome romantic reminders in cold storage until you’re ready to actually deal with them. Whether that means doing the mature thing and returning them, or burning them in a dumpster (if you are still hot under the collar), is totally up to you.

After some time has passed, you may even want to keep some of these mementos—because a toaster is a toaster, regardless of who bought it for you.

The online questionnaire at ExBox will request basic contact information, plus a ranking of how horrible your ex really was (from “I barely knew him” to “We were going to get married”): The worse the breakup, the more money you can save—as much as $39 when the engagement is off.

ExBox will send you a box, which you can fill with photos, ticket stubs, gifts, and other reminders of your ex. (You can even store items as large as a bed.) Once your items are all packed, someone from the service will pick them up and take them to a storage facility.

When you’re ready to go through the box and decide what to keep, toss, or return, ExBox will bring the stuff right back to you.

Research contact: @MakeSpace

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