What is TikTok’s ‘Burnt Toast Theory’ about life?

September 11, 2023

Recently, it has not been easy to see the bright side of things. Most of us have endured rather a lot during the past few years—a global pandemic, a cost-of living-crisis, and a particularly hot and wet summer—but TikTok‘s new “Burnt Toast Theory” is trying to help us make the best of these and other bad situations, reports Glamour Magazine UK.

The Burnt Toast Theory is about embracing (or at least accepting) the bad things that happen in our lives because these events actually may propel us in a better direction, or save us from an even more unfortunate situation.

In a post that’s been liked by almost 100,000 users, TikToker Ingrid shared the meaning behind it. She says, “I recently learned about the Burnt Toast Theory and it’s really been helping me accept things that are out of my control.”

Explaining the concept, she continues: “Burnt toast theory is the idea that if you burn your toast before work and it adds five to ten minutes to your trip, it’s actually saving you from something catastrophic.

“Maybe saving you from a car accident. Maybe saving you from someone whom you don’t want to run into. But this is the idea that inconveniences in our lives, or when something releases us in the universe, it’s either saving us from something more detrimental or pushing us in the direction that we need to go in.”

The TikToker adds: “I’ve often struggled with accepting things that are out of my control and I’ve struggled with being an anxious person at times. But adopting this and really thinking about it when I might be upset about something that is out of my control has really grounded me and allowed me to just have a little bit more peace in my life.”

She notes, “Of course, you won’t know exactly what the burnt toast has saved you from, but that’s not the point.”

While there’s no way of proving that there’s a good reason behind the times when things go bad (and can be a really difficult one to acknowledge in relation to terrible crimes and deaths of innocent people), the theory is more of way to help us view life more optimistically: You didn’t get the job you really wanted because something better was on the way; or your partner dumped you because, unknown to you at the time, you went on to meet your soulmate shortly after.

Many of us like to find a way to navigate tricky times and having faith in the universe that it was for a good reason helps us accept and move on.

Another TikTok fan added: “I just love the way you put this and I’m going to actively try to remember this when things aren’t going my way.”

And a third simply said: “I needed this.”

If the Burnt Toast Theory helps people through tough times, we are all for it.

Research contact: @GlamourMagUK