What does your honey think about money?

February 12, 2018

Money can’t buy you love—or so the Beatles said in their 1964 single. But do similar attitudes about money enhance a romantic relationship? The answer is yes, based on findings of a poll of 2,644 U.S. adults released on February 9 by the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC).

In fact, fully 66% of respondents who were in a relationship said they shared the same attitudes and habits about spending and budgeting. Among poll participants:

  • 39.4% said their attitudes were “very similar,”
  • 26.7% said they were “somewhat similar,”
  • 9.8% described their attitudes as “neither similar nor different,”
  • 11.6% said they were “’somewhat ,” and
  • 12.5% described their attitudes as “very different.”

In addition, respondents indicated that, in most cases, money had affected their relationships either “very positively” (10.3%) or “positively” (14.4%) versus negatively (12.2%) or very negatively (6.9%).

” These studies demonstrate that money is having a direct impact on people’s romantic relationships …. We encourage people to work toward a more secure financial future together and [to] keep the lines of communication open when it comes to money,” stated NFEC CEO Vince Shorb CEO.

This Valentine’s Day survey is the first conducted by the NFEC that is centered around relationships and money. The NFEC and collaborators are conducting an ongoing series of research studies exploring financial education, attitudes, behaviors, and wellness on a person’s romantic relationships.

Research contact: 190181@email4pr.com

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