Washington family with six sons erupts in excitement during gender reveal of seventh child: ‘Pure shock’

December 12, 2022

A family’s surprise and tears of joy were captured in a now-viral moment when the gender of their seventh child was revealed. Sarah Molitor, 35, a mom to six boys from Central Washington State, learned last month that she’s due to give birth to her first baby girl, reports Fox News.

The family’s gender reveal party happened on Friday, November 11, at approximately 10 a.m., Molitor wrote in an email to Fox News Digital.

Molitor was joined by her husband, Tim, 34, and their six sons, Jude, 10, Hudson, 8, Chase, 6, Crew, 5, Beck, 3 and Griffy, 1, as they set off handheld confetti cannons.

“We are honestly just so thrilled to be having another baby,” Molitor wrote to Fox News Digital. “We fully thought and expected it to be another boy.”

“My heart has been very set on the thought of seven boys and the uniqueness of that,” Molitor continued. “When the pink confetti shot out, we were just in pure shock. Absolutely couldn’t believe it.”

Molitor said her family got to take a look at their newest member’s ultrasound image after the reveal. Her sister had enclosed the image in an envelope.

When Molitor saw the pink confetti, the expectant mother jumped and fell to her knees.

“After the whole reveal, I jokingly asked everyone, ‘Why did anyone let me hold Griffy?’” Molitor told Fox News Digital. “None of us expected the surprise.”

“In my shock, [I] definitely surprised [Griffy], too, I’m sure,” she continued. “Thankfully, I caught myself and he was totally happy playing with confetti within seconds of it all.”

The video of the Molitor family’s gender reveal celebration was shared on Instagram by Modern Farmhouse Family, which is the account where Sarah and Tim share family updates and lifestyle tips.

The clip has been liked by more than 2.3 million Instagram users at the time of publication. Molitor is due to deliver her first baby girl in March 2023.

Research contact: @FoxNews