Under fire for ethical lapses, Scott Pruitt’s job rating slips to 29%

April 30, 2018

While President Donald Trump’s approval rating continues to hover at around 40%, some of his appointees are not so fortunate. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt  currently boasts a 29% job approval rating, according to findings of a poll conducted by the Super PAC, American Bridge, and posted by The Hill.

In recent days, Pruitt’s main job has been answering to Congress, the press and the American people for a panoply of ethical violations.

As EPA Administrator, Pruitt has been under fire, CNBC reports, for his around-the-clock security detail and first-class travel.

On April 20, Politico reported that not only had Pruitt rented an apartment at a cut-rate from the wife of a lobbyist when he first moved to Washington, D.C.; but that the same lobbyist did in fact go on to do business with the EPA, according to a filing by his firm.

In addition, Pruitt is under fire for allegations that he spent $43,000 on a sound-proof booth called a SCIF in order to make private calls from his office to the White House, two blocks away—when there already are two such booths at the EPA and when his predecessors felt no need for such security measures.

 In two Congressional hearings, Pruitt first characterized the installation as a SCIF and then denied it—saying that it was simply a secure telephone line.

 The poll by American Bridge found that a plurality (43%) of those questioned believed Trump should fire Pruitt. About 31% of respondents disagreed.

Support for the administrator from Republicans polled wasn’t resounding, either, The Hill stated. The poll found that only 50% of those questioned approved of Pruitt’s job.

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