Ugly sweaters are ‘fly’ for Christmas

December 19, 2017

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially during the holiday season. To help celebrate National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on December 15, Alaska Airlines offered early boarding to passengers wearing “a festive holiday sweater.”

To gauge how likely flyers might be to participate in the promotion, YouGov Omnibus conducted a survey on December 8 among 7,244 U.S. adults—and found that 36% of Americans said they would “definitely” show up at the airport adorned in a holiday sweater if it meant boarding early, while another 36% said they’d “consider it.” Only 28% of the general public (28%) reported that they would “definitely not” participate in the offer.

Overall, women (43%) were more likely than men (29%) to say they’d “definitely do it.” Another difference occurred between younger and older consumers: 43% of Americans aged 18-24 said they’d wear an ugly sweater in exchange for early boarding, compared to 30% of those aged 55+.

And in an age of vehement political division, both conservatives and liberals seemed to find agreement on this matter, as 41% of Republicans and 38% of Democrats said they’d definitely arrive at their terminal wearing an ornate sweater that made Santa proud.

“Travel during the holidays can be stressful for guests, especially those who do not travel often. This fun promotion not only allows guests to board early on that day, but gives people another opportunity to dust off that ugly holiday sweater hanging in the back of their closet,” said Natalie Bowman, managing director of Marketing and Advertising at Alaska Airlines.

This is the first year that Alaska Airlines has participated in National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day. All guests were invited to join in the merriment of the holiday season and share their memories on Twitter by tagging their photos and videos using the hashtags: #UglySweaterDay and #MostWestCoast.

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