‘Udderly ridiculous’: Firefighters spend three hours re-mooving cow stuck in a tree

October 11, 2022

Last week, a cow was re-mooved from a willow tree on Chilbolton Common in Hampshire, England, by firefighters after the animal got stuck in a tight spot, reports Sky News.

Above, the back end of the ‘tree-locked’ cow. (Photo source: Sky News)

A crew from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue in southeast England joked that  the incident was “udderly ridiculous” after they spent three hours in a successful effort to free the cow.

The animal’s head got stuck in a tree on Wednesday evening, October 5. The fire service was called and worked with an animal rescue adviser to cut the tree and free the cow.

Mark Compton, who is the fire service’s animal rescue tactical adviser, said: “The animal rescue crew from Winchester worked to release the cow by enlarging the hole and manipulating the animal’s head until it was free from the tree.”

Research contact: @SkyNews