U.S. voters give thumbs down to steel and aluminum tariffs

March 9, 2018

Half (50%) of American voters oppose tariffs on steel and aluminum, while 31% would support such a trade agenda, according to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll of 1,122  adults nationwide released on March 6.

In addition, the U.S. electorate disagrees, 64% versus 28%, with President Donald Trump’s claim that a trade war would be good for nation and easily won, according to the research findings.

Every listed party, gender, education, age and racial group oppose steel and aluminum tariffs, Quinnipiac reports—except for Republicans, who support tariffs by a lackluster 58% versus 20%; and white voters with no college degree, who are divided, 42% versus 40%.

If the tariffs were to raise the cost of goods that Americans purchase, the opposition would mount, according to poll respondents. Indeed, American voters would oppose such tariffs 59% versus 29 percent, if they had to pay higher prices as a result.

Still,the tariffs will be good for American jobs, 26% say—while 36 % say tariffs will be bad for jobs and 24% say the tariffs will have no substantial  impact on jobs.

Finally, Quinnipiac reports,American voters disapprove 54% versus 34% of the way in which the Trump administration is handling trade. Only Republicans and white voters with no college degree approve.

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