Trump to meet with Japanese leader before Singapore summit

May 30, 2018

President Trump agreed on May 28 to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ahead of a potential summit with North Korean Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un, according to a report in The Washington Post—providing a chance for the two close allies to coordinate their strategy amid concerns in Tokyo over the prospective peace talks.

Trump and Abe spoke by phone on Memorial Day, even as a U.S. delegation already was on-site in North Korea, negotiating with counterparts in a bid to keep alive the June 12 summit in Singapore, which Trump announced on May 23 that he was cancelling—although he did give the North Korean leader the opportunity to call or write in order to reinstate the meeting.

After a more conciliatory statement from Pyongyang, the president has said that the summit could be back on.

That’s good news to most Americans, according to Fox, which said that a poll conducted by the news network late in March found that voters—both Democrats and Republicans— favor the meeting by a wide 63% to 30% margin. 

In addition, Fox News found, U.S. voters expect Trump to come out of the meeting with the better deal (42% Trump, 26% Kim, and 19% neither).

Even so, most voters don’t think North Korea will ever be convinced to give up its nuclear weapons (76%), and they continue to give Trump negative ratings for his handling of North Korea overall (41% percent approve, 49% disapprove).

A meeting between Trump and Abe could come on the sidelines of the Group of 7 (G7) economic summit in Quebec, scheduled to be held from June 8 to June 9; but it is also possible that Abe will swing by Washington en route to that conference, a Japanese official said.

Research contact: @foxnewspoll

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