Top dog: Americans trust their pets’ judgment when it comes to romantic partners

November 12, 2021

Two in every three Americans would end their current romantic relationship, if their pet disapproves, according to new research reported on by SWNS Digital.

In  survey of 2,000 single and dating Americans conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zesty Paws, researchers found that 68% said their pet has the final say in whom they date.

Indeed, 71% of respondents said they trust their pet’s judgment over their own. Likewise, 68% trust their pets more than their friends and 67% trust them more than their own family.

In the same study, nearly 7 in 10 Americans (69%) said they had dated someone their pet didn’t like. Luckily, 69% of those who have had their pets reject their dates said their pets liked their next partner.

Sixty-seven percent can thank their pet for scoring the first date with a potential partner or their current partner. But if the first date and meeting of the pet doesn’t go well, 68% said there’s no chance of a second date.

Respondents gave varying reasons for their pet’s distaste for their current or ex-partner—including not liking their scent, height, or lack of attention.

The most obvious signs a pet doesn’t like potential partners include not going near them (47%), clawing/biting them (41%), and growling/hissing at them (40%). And if a potential partner is rude towards a pet, 64% of respondents said they could never forgive them

In order to be liked by a pet, respondents said their partner needs to be friendly (44%), give behind-the-ear scratches (40%), and give treats (38%).

Research contact: @SWNS

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