Tom Brady offers Bitcoin to fan who spent over $500,000 on ‘last’ TD football

March 31, 2022

Most of us feel sorry for the unlucky NFL fan who bid $518,628 to own the football that was hurled by Tom Brady in his last career touchdown pass before announcing his retirement early in February.

But those tears are turning to cheers, according to a report by Fox Business. The super fan is now going to be getting some reimbursement after the reinstated Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback made a plea on their behalf.

Brady, 44, announced last week that he would be coming out of his brief retirement after realizing that his place is “still on the field and not in the stands.” But while most fans were likely elated by the news, the unfortunate bidder had spent half a million on Brady’s final touchdown pass just hours earlier.

“The value of the ball could drop dramatically,” Darren Julien, president and CEO of Julien’s Auctions, which was not involved in the sale, told Barron’s. “It’s a unique situation, and the buyer has no recourse to return it.”

Hearing about the unfortunate bid, Brady took to social media to make a plea on behalf of the buyer. “Hey @FTX_Official …could we donate a Bitcoin to the charity of this person’s choice?!” he said on Twitter, addressing the Crypto firm that he and his wife Gisele hold equity in. 

The firm responded back with an even better offer.

“Let’s make it happen, Brady. But what do you say, we give him a bitcoin too?” 

With the value of bitcoin at around $40,000 apiece, the unknown buyer isn’t anywhere close to recovering his losses-but at least he knows that Tom cares.

Research contact: @FoxBusiness