Toddler is shocked and awed when he takes his first steps

February 20, 2023

Sometimes, we are absolutely astonished by our own achievements. Such was the case for a one-year-old California boy named Journey—who recently shocked himself by taking his first steps, reports ABC News.

In a video shared by his parents on social media in January, Journey is seen looking around in amazement as he discovers he can walk.

The toddler even lets out a big exclamation scream, which his parents described in the caption as “little dinosaur noises.”

Luckily, Journey’s first steps were witnessed by his parents and other family members, one of whom says in the video, “He just discovered he can walk.”

Journey’s dad, B. Pagels-Minor, shared on Facebook that the day Journey took his first steps held special meaning for the family: It was the 59th birthday of Journey’s late grandmother.

“Happy birthday mom! You would have been 59 today. We would have gathered together and you would have had your grandson in your arms spoiling him as you always promised,” Pagels-Minor wrote. “It’s only fitting that he decides today is the day he gets his legs. Your legacy is in good hands.”

Research contact: @ABC