Tiger Woods makes a comeback, on the golf greens and on-camera

April 13, 2018

Everybody loves a comeback—and that’s exactly what we’re seeing on this year’s golf tour, as Tiger Woods regains his game, his sponsors, and his media appeal.

Indeed, when it comes to golf fame, Tiger Woods once again is in a class all his own, with an awareness score of 84, based on findings of Nielsen’s N-Score talent tracker, released on April 2.

That stat is 59 points above the average for golfers, Nielsen notes. The next closest active pro golfer, Phil Mickelson, trails 31 points behind for awareness.

And because of his clout on the greens—and with sponsors—Woods gets much more time on camera than other competitors. Through the Arnold Palmer Invitational last month (March 12-18), Woods saw more branding time on-screen than any other golfer on the PGA Tour—with 583 minutes of branding exposure, Nielsen reports.

That’s 122%, or 320 minutes, more time on-camera than the average for the top ten golfers by brand exposure duration. This comes despite Woods competing in fewer events than many of the top players in on the PGA Tour.

For each event that Woods has appeared in, he averages about 97 minutes of total brand exposure duration, 83%, or 44 minutes, more coverage than the next closest golfer for branding time on-screen, Dustin Johnson.

Television viewers are taking notice when Woods is playing in 2018. For the four events this season that Woods has finished inside the top 25, broadcast network viewership is up 93% versus the same events last year—or about 2 million more viewers on average.

Finally, for the last two events in which Woods has competed (Valspar Championship and Arnold Palmer Invitational)—finishing in the top five in both—broadcast network viewership was up 150% compared with the same tournaments one year ago, accounting for almost 2.9 million extra viewers on average.

Research contact: Michael.Receno@nielsen.com

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