The ‘upshot’: Photographer captures the stunning peak of a meteor shower

November 3, 2021

A photographer has captured the amazing peak of a meteor shower—as sparks are seen shooting across the night sky, reports the Good News Network.

Uroš Fink, a 31-year-oold shop worker, photographed the annual Perseid meteor shower, which takes place every summer, from the Mangart Saddle, the highest lying road in Slovenia. His image shows the colorful Milky Way dotted with nebulas as the Perseid meteors shoot across the night sky.

The Perseids “are considered the best meteor shower of the year,” according to NASA. You can be anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere to enjoy this show of speed and light.

Uroš said, “I could hardly wait for the day to come. Every year I am full of expectation to see the Perseids. I was standing on the edge of the abyss—sometimes it’s necessary to make a little effort and go outside your comfort zone to get a top image.

He further explained, “I did it because I have great desire and motivation to photograph the universe in combination with nature. I simply adore nature and everything related to the universe, so combining these two things into one image is something invaluable.”

Up there, high on the mountain on August 7, Fink says he kept thinking to himself, “Just let the weather hold out so I can capture as many meteors as possible on camera.”

According to Farmer’s Almanac, “Meteors occur when Earth rushes through a stream of dust and debris left behind by a passing comet (the Swift-Tuttle comet, in the case of the Perseids). When the bits strike Earth’s upper atmosphere, friction with the air causes each particle to heat and burn up. We see the result as a meteor.”

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