The Internet can’t get enough of this grandmother’s reaction to her new hair colors

May 2, 2023

A loving grandmother has been lighting up social media with her hilarious laugh and new hair color, reports Good Morning America.

When Betty Mae Jinright’s granddaughter Kourtnee Jinright, a Florida-based hairstylist, posted a video of herself dying her grandmother’s hair, she gained a whole new circle of fans.

This [color] is called acid spill,” Kourtnee Jinright says to her grandma at the top of the clip.

“I’m so glad to know that,” Betty Mae Jinright responds before letting out an infectious laugh after the first brush of the lime green color is applied to her white strands.

The process continues with strips of blues, purple and pinks added throughout. With each new hue, Betty Mae Jinright’s laughter increases. “I’m going to look like an Easter egg,” she jokes at one point.

In the end, grandma appears happy with her final look.

“I wanted to enter [the brand Pulp Riot’s Wild Ride] contest and I immediately thought of my grandmother as my guinea pig,” Kourtnee Jinright told GMA.

The Wild Ride contest tasks participants with creating a unique hair look using its Pulp Riot’s Wild Ride line of hair colors, according to a post on the company’s Instagram page. Four grand prize winners are chosen from the pool of entrants to win a trip to Los Angeles to meet the brand’s team and film a transformation video.

“My grandmother would do anything for her grandbabies to help them out in their career,” Kourtnee Jinright added.

The stylist said the day started after she called her dad and told him to drop her grandmother off at the Ten Salon where she works because they were about to have some fun. “As soon as she arrived at the salon, I let her choose the colors she wanted … we ended up going with all the colors from Pulp Riot’s recently released Wild Ride collection,” she recalled.

Kourtnee Jinright said the process of dying her grandmother’s hair took about two hours total, but a little longer to film because of all the laughter.

Since posting, her video has been liked more than 650,000 times with many TikTok users sharing how much they’ve fallen in love with her grandma.

“She is the CUTEST!!!! Really made me miss my grandmas love that you can create such special memories with her,” one user wrote in the comments. Others shared similar sentiments.

Kourtnee Jinright said she wasn’t shocked by her grandmother’s reaction as it’s her usual personality. “We are always laughing until we can’t breathe,” she said.

She also said she wasn’t surprised that the video went viral.

“My grandma is incredible,” she said. “All of the people in my life are obsessed with her and I knew the whole world would be too. At this point, she’s everyone’s grandma.”

For her part, Betty Mae Jinright has always been game to try new colors, and while this was the first time she tried multiple colors at once, Kourtnee Jinright said there is more to come.

“If you stay tuned, we are going to be doing a fun little Fourth of July theme on my grandma next,” she said, noting that her 65-year-old uncle also wants his beard colored teal for an upcoming Jacksonville Jaguars football game.

“I’m beyond fortunate to have a family that is extremely supportive and is full of pure fun,” she added.

Research contact: @GMA