The humble lanyard gets a high-fashion makeover

September 25, 2018

Lanyards used to be what we made in summer camp and brought home to mom. Today, they are what we wear to work. Our corporate IDs dangle off clips at the end of manufactured, ribbon lanyards—giving us access to high-security areas and identifying us as we pass security.

They are not pretty, but they make us look authoritative, accredited, and authenticated. That was until recently, when the humble lanyard went high fashion, according to a September 24 report by The Guardian.

Now, it seems to be cool to look uncool the news outlet says.

Indeed, three fashion houses recently introduced their own take on the humble lanyard:

Other brands have fallen for the workaday item – ironically, at a price most employees could never afford, The Guardian reports: A Balenciaga leather lanyard will set you back £195 (US$256); its cotton cousin, £175 (US$230). Virgil Abloh’s Off-White fashion line also  has previously mined the around-the-neck look.  Its lanyard wallet costs £305 (US$400)—and has sold out. Streetwear brands Supreme and Palace have their versions, too.

Indeed, lanyards – like socks and bumbags before them – offer a gateway into designer brands. They offer scope for multiple logos to promote the brand, too. Expect to see them all over social media soon, The Guardian says.

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