The Grammy effect: Sales and streaming soar after awards

January 9, 2018

Collectively, the performers at the music industry’s televised Grammy Awards experienced a 328% gain in song sales in the United States on January 28, the day of the show, according to initial reports from Nielsen Music, released on February 5.

Specifically, the songs performed and the original versions of the songs covered sold 74,000 downloads on Sunday, January 28—up from just 17,000 on the day before the show.

The following day, as music fans returned to their weekly routines, they streamed their favorite songs from the awards show over 9.3 million times—an increase of nearly 2.1 million streams over the day before the show.

On-demand audio streaming for the artists and songs featured during the awards show followed a trend first reported in Nielsen Music’s 2017 Year-End Report, with on-demand audio streaming consumption picking up on Monday, following a Sunday dip. In 2017, Nielsen found that Sundays, compared with every other day of the week, have the lowest average streaming engagement.

Fans celebrated the Bruno Mars hits, “24K Magic” (Record of the Year and Album of the Year) and “That’s What I Like” (Song of the Year),  by streaming them over 1.3 million times through on-demand music services on Monday—a 44% increase, which is 412,000 more audio streams than the day prior to the awards show. “

Finally, there were 41.5 million total interactions across social media—including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—about the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, as fans posted about the star-studded performances. The top hashtags on Twitter were: #grammys, #grammys2018, #grammy and #timesup.


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