Tempers run hot and cold over office temperatures

May 24, 2018

Workers are hot under the collar over the office temperature. Indeed, nearly one in five (19%) of nine-to-fivers have secretly adjusted the office thermostat during the summer—13% to make it cooler and 6% to make it warmer—based on findings of a Harris Poll conducted on behalf of CareerBuilder and released on May 23,

According to the poll of 1,012 full-time workers in the private sector across industries and company sizes, nearly half of workers (46%) say their office is either too hot or too cold.

What’s more, fully 51% sitting that in an office that is too cold impacts their productivity, while 67% say sitting in an office that is too warm does the same.

Fifteen percent of respondents admit that they have argued with a co-worker about office temperature (7% of men vs. 22% of women). Drilled down by gender, findings suggest that women may feel temperature differently from men. Eighteen percent of men say they are too cold; 17%, too hot; while 36% of women are too cold; and 19% too hot.

Broken down by industry, retail has the hottest employees (28%), and healthcare has the coldest (30%).

Research contact: ladan.hayes@careerbuilder.com

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