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May 4, 2018

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Interestingly enough, there are about 45 million Americans who have embellished their bodies with at least one tattoo, according to Statistic Brain—and over 30% of them say that it makes them feel more sexy, while 5% say that it makes them feel more intelligent.

Not only that, but the popularity of skin art is growing: Fully 36% of Americans, ages 18-25, have a tattoo; as well as 40% of those between the ages of 26 and 40.

What’s more, a May 1 article posted by the NBC Today Show claims that the number of women getting inked is rising faster than the number of men—and that women age 40-plus are even making tattoos part of their “bucket lists.”

“I have noticed an increase in women getting tattooed later in life, past their 40s,” Julie Duncan, a tattoo artist at Lady Luck Tattoo in Phoenix who recently gave 74-year-old Janice Graham her first tattoo told Today. “It’s honestly probably something they always wanted, but were too worried about social norms and being judged to actually get. I think it’s great.”

What’s more, few inked Americans stop at one; among those with any tattoos, seven in ten (69%) have two or more, according to a 2015 Harris Poll of 2, 225 U.S. adults.

The Harris pollsters found that rural (35%) and urban (33%) Americans are both more likely to get (or have) a tattoo than are suburbanites (25%). And those with kids in the household are much more likely than those without to sport at least one tattoo (43% versus 21%).

Some like their first tattoos so much that inking becomes addictive (32%)—but there are others who regret getting inked (17%) or some who even have their tattoo removed (11%), based on data amassed by Statistic Brain.

Top-ranked regrets, according to the Harris folks, include:

  • I was too young when they got the tattoo,
  • My tattoo does not fit my present lifestyle,
  • I still have my ex-boyfriend’s name on my arm,
  • My skin art was poorly done; and
  • It just isn’t meaningful.

Finally, about 5% of those with skin art have it covered up with another tattoo when it just doesn’t work for them anymore.

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