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Woman’s toilet stall rule sparks fierce online debate: ‘I can’t believe you’ve gone this far’

June 24, 2024

Sometimes—usually, when sitting on the toilet—people think of some of their best ideas. Like this one woman, who felt so strongly about public toilet etiquette, that she decided to take her rules to the bored people lurking on the Internet. And went viral for it, reports the New York Post.

@MaryBethMayfair took to the UK’s popular website for parents, Mumsnet, recently to ask a question to her fellow public poopers about what the best practice is when visiting the shared toilets at work.

Armed with a diagram of the female bathroom layout (with the entry to the left), she wrote: “AIBU [Am I being unreasonable] that C is the ‘correct’ choice of cubicle, assuming all cubicles are empty upon entry?”

The diagram shows a row of three cubicles, labeled with A, B and C—with the poster insisting that C is the one you should choose, and anyone coming in after you should be opting for cubicle A or B to allow for more privacy.

 Which cubicle is the right choice? 

She goes on to explain: “I was just in cubicle C, and someone entered moments behind me, and went into B. I think that’s madness and can’t fathom why, out of the two remaining cubicles available, you’d opt to go into the one right next to someone. curious to know if others would have done the same.

I believe that statistically, A is apparently the cleanest cubicle, due to it being used least,” she continues.

The ones who are dead against it

While some argued that there are far more important things in the world to be worried about (I mean, true), the topic had many people relating online.

First came those who agreed with the original poster and her toilet rule: “I’m with you OP [original poster]. I always leave an empty cubicle between myself and others if possible;” and “The only time I would think about it is if I plan to drop a number two, in which case I’d go as far from another occupied one. But for a wee I wouldn’t give it any thought.”

Others chimed in with: “I like to leave a gap… gives me the illusion that I’m peeing in private!” and “It’s weird to go into the middle cubicle when the one next to it is occupied. I didn’t think it was the ‘done thing’ so am surprised to read others’ opinions here!”

And some were totally opposed to her plan, saying, “YABU [You are being unreasonable]. B is a good cubicle choice. I like to be in the middle of things;” and “YABU. B is madness and should only be selected when A and C are otherwise engaged.’

The ones with no rules

Then came those who insisted when it came to using a public toilet, there shouldn’t be any hard and fast rules.

“There are no rules,” one person simply insisted.

“I always use the first free cubicle I find. I don’t care if you are in the next cubicle or if there is an empty cubicle between us,” another chimed in.

And another added: “I honestly don’t think it matters. They are private, contained cubicles. If you’re worried about your neighbor hearing something you don’t want them to hear, I don’t think there’s much difference between A or B.”

The ones who can’t believe this is even a thing

Who knew that something so trivial would get so many people divided? Almost 200 people offered their opinions on the post, which surprised even those following along.

“I can’t believe you’ve gone this far as to create a diagram for this total non-issue,” a person chucked.

“Do people actually think/worry about these things?” another laughed along.

Apparently, yes. Also, the answer is you never choose B.

Research contact: @nypost