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Daily Harvest lawsuits: Why the meal-kit service is being sued over gallbladder removal surgeries

July 5, 2022

Following a recall late last week, meal-kit service Daily Harvest—which produces and delivers “chef-crafted sustainably sourced fruits and veggies”—is now facing two lawsuits from consumers who claim they had their gallbladders removed after consuming its French Lentil and Leek Crumbles, reports International Business Times.

The recall notice said that the affected product could cause “gastrointestinal illness and potential liver function issues.”

Daily Harvest issued an updated statement on Monday, June 28, saying that after an investigation and toxicology testing, the results came back negative and it has no known cause for the linked illnesses.

But by Wednesday, a personal injury lawsuit was filed against the company by a Portland man who said he was healthy and without significant health problems before eating the recalled crumbles, CNN reported.

The man, Luke Wesley Pearson, claims in his suit that he became violently ill, required hospitalization, and had his gallbladder removed after consuming the Daily Harvest Lentil Crumbles, CNN said.

The lawsuit also contends that Daily Harvest doesn’t warn about the dangers of its products and “issued vaguely worded and insufficient warnings to its customers and influencers,” according to the news outlet.

In a second lawsuit, Carol Ann Ready claims she was hospitalized and had her gallbladder removed after eating the crumbles. In her complaint, Ready said she was sent to the emergency room twice after consuming the product two times. She was eventually diagnosed with liver and gallbladder dysfunction, CNN said. .

As of last week, Daily Harvest had received 470 reports of illnesses or adverse reactions related to the Lentil Crumbles.

In response to the outbreak, Daily Harvest founder and CEO Rachel Drori said in a statement, “I’m reaching out today to update you on everything that we are doing to get to the root cause of the issues that have been reported with our French Lentil + Leek Crumbles. We are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week on this. You deserve answers.

“I recognize this is so frustrating. I am incredibly frustrated,” she added.

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Gavin Newsom wins in a walk; Elder tanks in recall

September 16, 2021

With about 70% of the projected vote counted, 63.9% of Californians voted against recalling Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom (D), while 36.1% voted for it—almost identical to Joe Biden’s 63%-34% win in the state in 2020, NBC News reports.

So how did Newsom do it, especially compared with the successful gubernatorial recall from 2003?

One, California is much more Democratic—and less Republican—than it was 18 years ago, when voters ousted Democratic Governor Gray Davis (D) and replaced him with Arnold Schwarzenegger (R).

In 2003, California had 15 million registered voters. Of those, 6.7 million of them were registered Democrats (43.7%) and 5.4 million were registered Republicans (35.3%), with the rest Independent or other.

Now, California has 22 million registered voters, with 10.3 million of them Democrats (46.5%) and 5.3 million of them Republican (24.0%).

That’s right: Today there are 7 million more registered voters in California than there were back in 2003, but the number of Republicans has declined since then.

The second big reason that Newsom won has been the change inside the Republican Party over the last 18 years, in which Donald Trump is certainly no Ronald Reagan and in which Larry Elder is no Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Per the NBC News exit poll of last night’s race, 34% of all voters said they had a favorable view of Elder, versus 50% who said they had a negative view. (That’s compared with 55% in the exit poll who said they approved of Newsom’s job, versus 43% who disapproved.)

Over the last 30 years, successful and competitive GOP candidates (think Schwarzenegger, Pete Wilson, even Meg Whitman) supported abortion rights and came (more or less) from the moderate wing of the GOP.

That doesn’t describe Elder, who opposes abortion rights and comes from the conservative wing of the party.

Outside of those two macro-trends in California, there’s a tactical reason why Newsom won so easily.He and his allies leaned heavily into masks and vaccines—especially as a way to motivate Democratic voters.

Per the exit poll, 63% of voters in the recall said getting the COVID vaccine is a public health responsibility, versus 34%, who said it’s a personal choice—which almost exactly matches the No-Yes margin on Tuesday night, September 14.

And on masks, 70% of voters said they supported California requiring children to wear masks in school, and they voted against the recall by an 80%-to-20% margin, according to the exit poll.

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Apple now will replace your faulty, crackling AirPods for free

November 3, 2020

In response to mounting complaints, Apple has announced that the company and its authorized providers will replace customers’ crackling AirPods Pro earphones for free.

The Cupertino, California-based tech giant said it had become aware of “sound issues” on some of its units. These issues include staticky or crackling noises, and Active Noise Cancellation failing to work as expected. Therefore, Apple has authorized what amounts to a “recall.” Apple said either itself or its dealers will replace the headphones—either one at a time or as a pair, Business Insider reports.

In line with that policy, Apple has created a support page  for the AirPods Pro exchange program.  The free replacement policy lasts for two years after you first buy your AirPods Pro earphones, and does not apply to other AirPod models, the company said.

Apple is reportedly planning to launch two new pairs of AirPods next year, including a redesigned and smaller version of the AirPods Pro.

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