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Adorable dog photobombs her pawrents’ wedding photo with the cutest smile

September 28, 2022

A wedding day lives on forever through photography. That’s why couples rely on a trusted photographer; they don’t want to leave anything up to chance.

Or maybe they should: In doing so, they might capture amazing shot—like the one that Calgary wedding photographer Sarah Pukin snapped of this Canadian couple and their beloved pup, reports My Modern Met.

As Callie and Travis Jones posed for a picture under their flower-lined arch, their dog Luna stood between them. To say Luna was happy her pawrents tied the knot is an understatement; she is literally grinning from ear to ear!

The entire wedding day was a busy one (as most are), but the laid-back couple chose a beautiful setting that was a dream for Pukin. “Their venue was a literal playground for me as a wedding photographer—there were so many unique spots to create and capture artistic angles with,” she shares with My Modern Met. “The whole day flowed in a laid-back nature with no set schedule for things just allowing everyone to mingle, enjoy, and celebrate!”

Things were made even better with the addition of Luna. “I am dog obsessed,” Pukin admits. “I think everyone who comes across my website or has met me knows this. So, Luna was a pleasure and a gem.” The pup did great through all of the family photos, and it wasn’t until Pukin was going through and selecting the final images that she saw Luna’s grin. “Her smile was perfect and she did a really good job posing for the photo!”

For every wedding day that Pukin documents, she strives to tell a couple’s story in an honest and organic way. Moments like Luna’s smile show that Pukin has done her job of helping to foster an environment in which people and pups are relaxed and happy.

And as for other dogs who want to follow in Luna’s footsteps? Pukin welcomes it. “Any dog that wants to photo bomb is welcome, too, in my books!”

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Italy will pay you over $15,000 to move to the island of Sardinia

September 16, 2022

Italy is a dream destination for many people. Between the stunning landscapes and the long history of art and culture, there is a lot to appreciate in this small European country. And while most people plan on only visiting, there are increasing opportunities to move to certain regions. Not only that, but the Italian government is even paying people to relocate, reports My Modern Met.

 One of the most recent initiatives is aiming to encourage workers and families to settle on the beautiful island of Sardinia, which is just off the west coast of Italy. Like many other parts of the country, Sardinia is suffering from a shrinking population and weak economy, so the government is using a total of about US$44 million to distribute to those willing to move to the idyllic island.

 Of course, this attractive offer comes with some requirements. In order to receive the maximum grant of €15,000 (about US$15,195), applicants must be willing to transfer to a rural municipality with fewer than 3,000 inhabitants and live there full-time—this is intended to deter wealthy buyers from taking advantage of the scheme to create luxury holiday houses.

 Furthermore, the money must be used to purchase and renovate a Sardinian home—and the recipients of the funds have to register their residency in Sardinia within 18 months of their arrival.

 The hope is that more workers will be enticed to move to Sardinia and bolster the economy by filling needed occupations and starting small businesses.

“Thanks to the contributions to their first houses,” says Sardinian President Christian Solinas, “this is strengthened and becomes fertile ground for those who will move there or decide to build a family. There can be no growth without a real enhancement of the territories, of the interior and most disadvantaged areas, which must pass through new policies for their repopulation.”

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Self-taught senior builds jet engine go-kart and takes it for a wild ride

August 25, 2022

Inventor Robert “Rocketman” Maddox is full of vigor and wild energy, and he shares his infectious lust for life through his custom creations. Having grown up “watching rockets blast off to the Moon and Wile E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner on his rocket/jet powered machines on TV,” his love of thrust-powered machines only increased with time. Now, he creates his own thrilling vehicles propelled by pulse-jet engines. They’re like mini rockets you can drive, reports My Modern Met.

Although Maddox is now in his 60s, he is still just as excited by rockets as he was when he was ten—and building “rocket powered balsa wood airplanes powered with Jetex rocket motors.” He’s been at it for years, but really decided to capture his inventions in motion and consistently upload footage to YouTube in the last four years.

 In a recent episode of his ongoing YouTube series, which he aptly calls “The Rocketman Show,” he introduced Beast—a custom go-kart with a pulse-jet engine. 

 In the video, we can see Maddox seated in Beast, ready to rip through an empty desert. Once he gets started, the pipes behind Maddox glow red, the darkening evening skies only emphasizing the searing crimson heat and the ground beneath him blurring as he accelerates above it.

  His glee at his speed and his inventive world might be in direct proportion to the danger his invention openly invites. There are no airbags on his rocket go-kart, no protective measures against the hard surface of the salt flats, no illusions of safety that we ordinary folk like to build around ourselves. There is only Maddox with the wind and a grin on his face, and his beautiful machine.

 The glowing pipes are actually the engine of his wild rocket. Using pulse-jet power, the bend of the pipes is the combustion chamber and the U-shape controls the air flow and keeps the fuel from burning up all at once. At the brightest burn, the heat might be anywhere between 1900°F and 2300°F, but Maddox in his blue helmet and black T-shirt is unfazed.

  His face above his voluminous beard is ecstatic, and when you see his eyes, you know that this is how we should all grow old. Maddox is building things, having fun, and feeling fully alive.

 To learn more about Maddox’s inventions—or to live vicariously through his outrageous rides—you can visit his website and subscribe to his channel on YouTube.

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He’s here! Cincinnati Zoo announces the name of adorable newborn hippo

August 22, 2022

On August 3, the Cincinnati Zoo welcomed an adorable male baby hippo. The zoo team held a fan vote to decide on the name for the newest member of the hippo family, and it came down to a decision between Fritz and Ferguson. After over 200,000 votes were cast, the zookeepers happily announced that the chosen name for the hippo is…Fritz, reports My Modern Met.

“We would have been happy with either name, but we really think the name Fritz fits this spunky little guy’s personality,” Cincinnati Zoo’s head hippo keeper, Wendy Rice, says. “We also thought it was funny that it was suggested because ‘Fritz’ is here due to Bibi’s birth control being ‘on the fritz.’

Bibi is a 23-year-old hippo who previously gave birth to a premature baby girl named Fiona, who required human intervention to survive. Due to this, the hippo keepers were nervous about Bibi’s second pregnancy.

Fortunately, all went well, and Fritz was born twice the weight of his sister. Currently two weeks old, he is already walking and exploring his habitat under the supervision of his mom.

“We will continue to expose Fritz to the habitat more and more in the coming days,” Cincinnati Zoo’s director of animal care, Christina Gorsuch, shares. “Once we’re confident that he and Bibi are comfortable in all corners of that space, visitors will get a chance to see them.”

You can keep up with baby Fritz by following the Cincinnati Zoo on Instagram.

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Hungry pup on a train is hilariously desperate to get his human’s snack

Augsut 17, 2022

What would you do if you saw this sweet face peering back at you on the train? For ‘pawrent’ Ursula Aitchison, her pup Huxley’s desperation was not enough for her to give up her tasty snack, but it resulted in some adorably hilarious images, reports My Modern Met.

Aitchison recently shared photos of the Golden Retriever realizing that his mom was rudely refraining from sharing her Walker’s brand prawn cocktail-flavored chips—and trying to do something about it. In an image carousel on Instagram, the first photo shows him innocently peering through the narrow view between the train seats.

Then, Huxley uses an innocuous technique: just barely putting his paw through the opening. The following photos showcase a more distraught side, with the pooch shoving his muzzle in the gap, using all his might to get as close as he can. He tries angling his snout closer, then he uses his tongue. Once that proves fruitless, the determined pup bares his teeth and continues to push forward.

This mighty battle of canine versus upholstered seating sadly did not seem to end with a prize of crispy potato goodness, but it did make thousands online smile. Aitchison’s Instagram post has over 10K likes, and seemingly endless comments supporting the pup’s attempts to get closer.

Huxley’s antics recently went viral again on Twitter when four of the stills were posted with the caption, “A story about crisps in 4 parts.” Walker’s crisps ambassador, and former professional footballer, Gary Lineker even re-shared it.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Aitchison’s puppy has gotten such adoration and attention online. Back in 2019, a very similar situation happened on Huxley’s first flight from London to Ibiza. Huxley was seated next to her, until “he got in a mood which he often does when I don’t pay him enough attention,” Aitchison said. He then opted to trade his spot for the empty seat next to a nice man in the row in front of them.

Soon though, she said, “he quickly changed his tune when he heard me eating my crisps.” The images she captured garnered a lot of attention on both Instagram and Facebook.

It seems this golden has had a weak spot for snacks for years now, and the pattern will continue as long as there are moments of boredom on public transportation.

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Shell game: Tiny pet turtle Sergio scoots around house on a speedy set of Hot Wheels

July 19, 2022

Turtles aren’t known for their speediness, but a cute one named Sergio has finally found a foolproof way to get past the hare. In an adorable Instagram reel, the tiny reptile can be seen zooming around his owners’ house on a little Hot Wheels car. And once you see him in action, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the endearing display, reports My Modern Met.

The way Sergio “drives” his car is both simple and ingenious. The turtle manages to attach himself to his “speed racer” by using non-toxic Silly Putty to stick the car to the bottom of his shell. And according to his human Kenny James, it’s one of Sergio’s favorite things to do.

Sometimes the turtle takes his Hot Wheels car for a spin with no hands. And once, he even brought one of his amphibian friends, Tubby the toad, along for a ride.

But when he’s not driving his car, Sergio can often be found taking a dip in his custom pool. What a life.

See Sergio the reptilian speed demon in action on Instagram and TikTok.

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Staggering results: Study finds that standing on one leg can reveal the risk of death in older people

July 6, 2022

Can you balance on once foot for ten seconds? For adults over the age of 50, the ability to do so may be indicative of their ability to survive, reports My Modern Met.

A study recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that those middle-aged and elderly individuals who could ace this simple test would live longer than others who lack the innate  balance and endurance to stay upright. The researchers behind the study are even suggesting this simple test be incorporated into routine checkups for older adults.

The study examined data collected from a cohort of 1,702 participants between 2009 and 2020. During visits to practitioners, the patients were asked to balance on one foot while placing their lifted foot behind their weight-bearing leg. This is called a 10s OLS test. Arms remain at the sides. Gaze should be directed straight ahead. Participants were given three attempts, but the majority of those younger than 70 should be able to complete OLS easily.

One in five of the cohort failed 10s OLS test. Rates of failure increased as the age of the individuals did. Throughout the study, 7% (or 123 individuals) passed away—32% of deaths were due to cancer, 30% to cardiovascular disease, 9% to respiratory disease, and 7% due to COVID-19 complications. And 17.5% of those who failed the test passed away, as opposed to 4.5% who passed. Controlling for other variables, this equates to a 84% increased risk of death over the 10 years following a failed test.

Despite the staggering results, it’s important to note that correlation is not causation. It is possible, and perhaps likely, that people already in poor health will fail the 10s OLS test. For example, type II diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure were more common among those who failed.

“I think that poor nonaerobic fitness (normally associated with a sedentary lifestyle, but not always) is the background of most cases of frailty and it is well-known that being frail is strongly associated with a poor quality of life, less physical activity/exercise and so on,” Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo, lead author of the paper, told IFLScience.

Those with poor balance are also more likely to fall, which can cause complications. “The 10s OLS test [should] be included at the beginning of consultation, together with height, weight, and blood pressure measurements. That’s simple,” Araujo says.

For those over 70, they can rest assured that completing the 10s OLS test puts them above their peers in balance and is a predictor of survival.

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Loving dog brings his mom presents while she’s in the shower

June 29, 2020

A dog named Fin misses his mom while she’s in the shower—so, he has devised an interesting strategy to get her attention: He leaves little gifts outside the bathroom door, reports My Modern Met.

Whether he’s giving the gifts selflessly or has an ulterior motive questionable, though. Fin isn’t the biggest fan of his mom taking showers. She’s gone so long, which means there’s less time to play. So, the thoughtful pup came up with an intriguing strategy to get her attention. He began delivering gifts—all kinds of household items—to the bathroom door, in hopes of getting her to open the door again.

“From what my fiancé says, Fin brings a couple items to the door while I’m in the shower to see if any of them will get me to open the door,” says Fin’s mom, Vee Thayer. “Sometimes I’ll open it to find an assortment of items; other times, it’ll just be one thing.”

At first, Thayer was understandably confused. But soon, she came to look forward to the surprise gifts. There’s no way to predict what they’ll be. Some of her favorite things he’s brought her have been duct tape, tongs, shampoo, socks, his dog bed, a bowl of his food, hangers, and a pack of Post-it Notes.

She and Fin even have a little ritual now: “When I open the door, I always say thank you and check out each item. His face is the cutest when the door opens—it’s a mixture of pride and concern, like, ‘Oh jeez, I hope I brought the right thing!’”

Fin is also a very playful pup  and seems to think the right assemblage of items is the key to getting his humans to come back from wherever they’ve gone and play with him instead.

He even has devised another endearing ritual, in the hopes of getting his dad back from work sooner. “When he senses it’s about time for dog dad to get home from work, he’ll sit in a specific spot at the corner of the carpet in our living room and wait,” says Thayer. “The longer the wait, the more toys and items he’ll grab. It’s like he’s trying to find ‘the thing’ that will make his dad walk through the door.”

Fin’s adorable offerings have earned him many appreciative followers on both TikTok and Instagram, and he doesn’t seem to have any plans to stop soon.

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Artist folds paper and canvas into expressive faces engaged in passionate kisses

June 17, 2022

For many, learning how to draw a portrait is one of the most challenging goals  they ever will set. Artist Polly Verity, however, manages to render human features without ever reaching for a pencil or paintbrush. Instead, she cleverly folds and creases thick pieces of watercolor paper, canvas, and sometimes wire mesh to create a human visage (or two), reports My Modern Met.

Each of her sculptures interacts with a light source to reveal realistic features, like the nose, nostrils, lips, and eyes that Verity has pinched and smoothed into existence. She makes realistic profiles of individuals as well as portraits of couples kissing one another.

According to My Modern Met, “The beauty of these delicate works of art is in their simplicity.”

Verity begins her process with an ordinary square or rectangular sheet of paper and manipulates the 2D surface until she achieves the desired effect. Instead of relying on another medium to bring her vision to life, Verity harnesses the natural elegance of paper and canvas—letting her work shine when the light hits the folded portrait.

You can purchase original sculptures via Verity’s online shop, and keep up to date on her latest projects and upcoming exhibitions by following the artist on Instagram.

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Shell game? Family’s pet tortoise, missing for 30 years, is found alive and well in the attic

June 3, 2022

As any pet owner would know, losing a beloved animal can be hard—but it can be especially difficult to cope when a pet has gone missing. There’s no real closure. In the 1980s, a family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—the Almeidas—experienced this with their pet tortoise named Manuela, reports My Modern Met.

But 30 years later, the reptile turned up again, hale and hearty, and ready to rejoin the family.

The reptile was the beloved pet of a then-eight-year-old Lenita de Almeida. But during a renovation of the family’s home, Manuela suddenly vanished. The builder working on the house had left the gate open that day, so everyone assumed the tortoise had “run away.”

When the tortoise first went missing, the Almeidas searched for her and asked neighbors if anyone had seen a red-footed tortoise roaming around. Unfortunately, no one had, which eventually led them to accept that Manuela was gone for good.

Thirty years later, in 2013, the family’s patriarch, Leonel de Almeida, passed away. During his life, he had been a bit of a hoarder. He had a habit of picking up anything he thought he could fix and bringing it home.

“If he found an old television, he thought he could use some part [of it] to fix a new one, and so he kept accumulating things,” explains Lenita. He accumulated so many things that his collection of appliances and spare parts filled a bedroom—as well as the home’s entire attic. After his death, his family, who hadn’t visited the attic in years, began to clear away these items. What they didn’t know, as they sifted through decades’ worth of odds and ends, was that they were in for the surprise of a lifetime.

“I put the garbage bag on the floor, and the neighbor just told me, ‘Are you going to throw the turtle away, too?’” says Leandro de Almeida, Leonel’s son. There, in the box of an old wooden speaker, was a familiar-looking red-footed turtle. “We were shocked!” Nathalye de Almeida, Lenita’s daughter, admits. “My mom arrived crying because she didn’t believe it. They found Manuela!”

The whole family was thrilled to find their tortoise alive and well—but baffled as to how she survived hidden in an attic for 30 years. At the time, professor and veterinarian Jeferson Pires described the resilience of tortoises, explaining that they can go up to three years without eating. Red-footed tortoises are omnivorous, and the family thinks Manuela may have subsisted off of termite larvae.

Still, many people have raised concerns about the probability of this survival story—even though tortoises can go long periods of time without food, they still need water and sunlight, and it is unclear how Manuela had access to those things. Some wonder if it’s even the same tortoise, or if the Almeidas’ father had been looking after the pet, unbeknownst to his family.

Regardless, the Almeidas are happy to have Manuela in their lives again. Now, nearly ten years after being found (and 40 years after going missing) Manuela has since been identified as a male and goes by Manuel, and is thriving under the care of the younger generations of the family.

“He’s grown a lot,” says Nathalye. “I brought him in to live with me because I have a lot of affection for him.” Best of all, her mother still visits her childhood pet weekly, and is delighted to see her daughter and granddaughter bonding with the special tortoise.

“She feeds him, pets him, and kisses him,” says Nathalye. “He’s part of our family.”

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