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Study: There’s a scientific reason why ‘mean girls’ are so popular

March 9, 2023

There could be a reason why characters like Regina George from the 2004 feature film “Mean Girls” (portrayed by Rachel McAdams) are put on a pedestal by their peers, reports the New York Post.

A study recently conducted at Oklahoma State University found that both women and men prefer when their friends are “vicious” toward their enemies.

The study, published in Elsevier’s Evolution and Human Behavior, explained that “the benefits of friendship depend, in part, on how much one’s friends value oneself relative to others; and thus that a friend’s behavior toward others can influence one’s own outcomes.”

Researchers surveyed 1,183 individuals in student and non-student communities in the United States and non-student communities in India to analyze what behaviors they prefer in a same-sex best friend.

Participants were asked to rate how much they would like to see certain behaviors like kindness, trustworthiness, viciousness, indifference, exploitative behavior, similarity, physical proximity, familiarity, and impartiality in a conflict in a best friend from a scale of one to seven.

The results suggested that—while people generally want friends to be kinder and more trustworthy—they sometimes prefer friends who are “more vicious,” or at the very least, indifferent toward their enemies.

This revealed that many people prefer friends who are kind to them and strangers—but that they’ll forgive unkind behaviors when the vitriol is directed at their adversaries.

People also cared a bit more about how nicely their friends treated them versus how they treated strangers.

The experts said this is because these people behave in ways that “maximize the friendship benefits” by both supporting their friends and undermining their rivals.”

Previous research has shown that “people believe they can be harmed when their enemies benefit—and benefit, when enemies are harmed.”

Researchers note that this aligns with why most people chose to have friends — for “preferential support.” ,Most people look for a ride or die who will choose them over others, help them knock their enemies down, and who will also uplift them.

Research contact: @nypost

Could ‘Pig Royalty’ be the new Kardashians? Inside reality TV’s wild new show

March 22, 2021

The final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians began on March 18—but don’t despair: There’s a new reality show that viewers will go “hog-wild” over, The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon reports.

The Kardashians spent 14 years transforming the genre—but as their swan-song season unfolds and they plan their next moves, viewers’ can easily shift their focus to a new class of possible reality-TV royalty. Specifically, Pig Royalty.

Fallon rhapsodizes about the new series: “Am I trolling by suggesting that the new Discovery+ series about competition pig showing in Texas might be the successor to one in which the only wrangling a family of millionaires in Calabasas has to do is of their glam squads?” he asks, then answers, “Of course. But that’s not to distract from the point that Pig Royaltywhich premieres March 23 on both the streaming service and the Discovery Channel—is an addictive delight, and certainly a descendant of the kind of television that the Kardashians have wrought.”

According to a description of the new show by Discover, audiences will enter the extreme world of pig show competitions and follow the rivalry between two unforgettable families: the Baleros, who have reigned supreme for years; and the Rihns, who want to take them down and become the next great pig dynasty. The two families traverse Texas, competing for the ultimate prizes: money; scholarships; big, shiny belt buckles that “crown” you the winner—and all the bragging rights that go with them. Don’t let the southern smiles and hospitality fool you: The stakes are high and family legacies are on the line.

The Daily Beast’s Fallon says the real, home-grown pig handlers will pull you in and leave you asking for more, noting, “The rivalries between the show’s two main competing families, there’s something Shakespearean… and Mean Girls-esque… and, when it comes to three catty sisters with their hair teased up to be closer to Jesus, yes, some definite Kardashian vibes, too. ”

“The smell of pig shit is one of a kind,” Jody Rihn, matriarch of the Rihn family and owner of one of the show’s two main teams, narrates in the pilot. “It’s not like cow shit. It’s not like dog shit. It’s got it’s own distinct smell that is awful. I don’t care how many times you wash it, the smell doesn’t go away. But it smells like money to us.”

There are tens of thousands of dollars at stake in each competition. One of the Rihn girls made $30,000 her senior year of high school from showing pigs, which she put toward college. McKayla Balero, of the rival Balero family, earned $65,000. Suddenly, the high stakes make sense.

And, oh yes, there are whispers of “juicing” pig feed to gain advantage. One of the Balero sisters is accused of sleeping with a judge.

But what the show really owes the Kardashians is the strength of the family bond that pulses through the series, Fallon says. “These are people who have likely been schooled on decades of reality TV, and they know how to give a good sound bite and drum up drama and scandal. But they also form a heartwarming, uniting front against the pressures of a surprisingly high-octane world. Sooie, bring on the pig drama.”

Research contact: @thedailybeast