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Coke’s Summer Olympics campaign celebrates the unifying power of hugs

July 11, 2024

Coca-Cola debuted its Summer Olympics campaign with a theme around hugs—a gesture the soft drink brand described as a universal sign of acceptance and inclusion, reports Marketing Dive.

The lead spot for “It’s Magic When the World Comes Together” shows swimmers Lilly King, Kaylene Corbett, Annie Lazor, and Tatjana Schoenmaker embracing—a nod to a moment at the last summer games. Casual viewers take a cue from the athletes and begin hugging people around them as the commercial continues.

Limited-time Olympics packaging displays illustrations of one half of a hug, creating a full embrace when two Coke cans are paired together. Out-of-home ads, social and digital content round out the effort, which champions unity, amid a time of heightened divisions.

Coke’s latest Olympics campaign feels far removed from the past two games, when close physical contact was strongly discouraged amid the spread of COVID-19.

The brand’s emphasis on inclusion, embodied through expressions of affection for sports rivals and strangers alike, comes at another fragile moment for society.

France, the host for the games this year, just underwent a contentious snap election, as did the U.K. Other countries, including the United States, are only just entering the thick of the political campaigning season, putting the public on edge.

Creative concepts like Coke’s will test whether brands can ameliorate consumer anxiety as the world comes together in competition. Special-edition cans further push people to gather and share a drink and a hug.

The lead ad for “It’s Magic When the World Comes Together” takes inspiration from a heartwarming scene from the 2020 Summer Olympics, in Tokyo, which took place in 2021 due to pandemic-related delays. After South African swimmer Schoenmaker broke the 200-meter breaststroke world record, teammate Corbett and U.S. rivals King and Lazor rushed to congratulate her with a hug in a display of uplifting sportsmanship. Coke’s commercial recreates the moment in Paris, which sets off an infectious wave of hugs across the globe as spectators embrace fellow fans, friends and even strangers on the subway.

The effort is part of Coke’s larger “Real Magic” brand platform that focuses on encouraging human connection. The soft drink company is an official Olympics and Paralympics sponsor.

“Our differences are what make us unique, but when we come together, that’s when the ‘Real Magic’ happens,” says Islam El Dessouky, global head of Content and Creative Strategy for Coca‑Cola. “Sports rivals embrace differences as a mindset. Olympic athletes train hard for four years with the goal of winning the gold. So, when you see them hugging, it’s a truly powerful symbol of human connection.”

The Olympics campaign was developed over the course of 18 months with aid from WPP Open X, a bespoke unit supporting the brand. Additional elements include outdoor ads appearing in France that underscore the hugging motif, along with special packaging exclusive to the country that was designed in collaboration with French artists Laura Normand, Aurelia Durand, and Bruno Mangyoku.

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Gatorade revives iconic ‘Is It In You?’ tagline for largest-ever campaign

May 29, 2024

Gatorade is reviving its iconic “Is It In You?” tagline from the 1990s and 2000s as part of the PepsiCo brand’s largest-ever campaign, reports Marketing Dive.

The campaign is meant to combat the intense societal pressures placed on the latest generation of athletes and is rooted in a 60-second ad narrated by longtime brand partner Michael Jordan with appearances from athletes including Caitlin Clark and A’Ja Wilson.

The spot debuted during the NBA Western Conference Finals on May 28. The campaign will run throughout the summer with additional marketing spanning social media—including custom filters on Snapchat and Instagram, and billboards in cities nationwide.

The move seeks to address the shifting pressures and distractions faced by athletes today versus three decades ago—with 53% of Gen Z athletes who stopped playing sports reporting that they did so because of external factors like social pressure and unrealistic expectations.

Accordingly, the revival of the brand’s iconic tagline—first popularized with ads showcasing NBA legend Jordan dripping in Gatorade-colored sweat—reintroduces the concept of “it,” or what the brand defines as the “inner drive that fuels greatness.”

The campaign’s 60-second spot, “It Hasn’t Changed,” is narrated by Jordan, also the brand’s longest-standing athlete partner, and serves as a reminder to athletes that greatness isn’t about aspects like hype, clout or likes, but one’s own determination.

“The return of ‘Is It In You?’—our biggest campaign of all time—is about acknowledging how much the sports landscape has changed, while reminding athletes that one thing hasn’t: the inner drive that fuels you,” said Gatorade Chief Brand Officer Anuj Bhasin.

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Dramamine goes for the gut with documentary tribute to barf bags

April 9, 2024

Motion sickness brand Dramamine’s latest marketing effort features a shoppable collection of repurposed barf bags that come with colorful designs, reports Marketing Dive.

Dramamine has produced a mini-documentary that serves as a tribute to the barf bag—an invention that the over-the-counter nausea relief brand has helped make less relevant.

The marketer interviewed barf bag collectors, medical experts, and everyday people with memorable vomit-related stories for The Last Barf Bag: Bidding Farewell to an American Icon. The content marketing piece recalls the history of barf bags, which were introduced roughly 75 years ago—around the same period as Dramamine.

This is Dramamine’s largest marketing investment since 2010, when it was acquired by Prestige Consumer Healthcare. Dramamine has grown its business by 30% in recent years and could stoke further brand awareness with the creative play that goes for the gut.

Those prone to emetophobia may want to steer clear of Dramamine’s latest campaign, which not only pays tribute to the barf bag, but also shares stories of motion sickness gone wrong—inclusive of descriptions of various forms of vomit.

The brand marketed by Prestige Consumer Healthcare is positioning the effort as a mea culpa, claiming its products are effective enough to have diminished the societal necessity of barf bags. That achievement represents a potential blow to barf bag collectors, a hobbyist group that’s central to the documentary and “just as interesting as they sound,” per details shared with Marketing Dive.

“At Dramamine, we’ve spent the last 75 years perfecting the art of nausea prevention. Unfortunately, that pursuit may have had an unintended side effect: barf bags don’t have as much barf to catch anymore, and their industry has been impacted as a result,” a website promoting the campaign reads. “That just didn’t sit right with us.” additionally features profiles of the collectors interviewed for the doc and a shoppable collection of repurposed barf bags that come with colorful designs and Dramamine products.

Jessie Bearden, a creative director who appeared on NBC’s “Making It,” also designed a one-of-a-kind wearable jacket made of barf bags that will go on sale April 17.

Dramamine enlisted agency FCB Chicago for the campaign, while Sunny Sixteen handled directing duties.

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Dick’s enlists Kathryn Hahn, Will Arnett to showcase e-commerce convenience

March 4, 2024

Dick’s Sporting Goods is nudging more customers toward its e-commerce business with a new celebrity filled advertising campaign, reports Marketing Dive.

“Click on” stars actors Will Arnett and Kathryn Hahn as they scramble to purchase sporting goods, only to be reminded that is a faster way to shop. They’re then transported to a sprawling virtual warehouse that carries all the products they need.

The effort launched on Wednesday, February 28, across broadcast TV, social channels and several streaming platforms, including YouTube, Amazon and Netflix. It seeks to extend Dick’s winning streak with e-commerce, which provided a boon during the pandemic.

Dick’s latest campaign aims to remind consumers about the convenience and speed of shopping for sporting goods online. “Click on” was developed with agency partner Juxtapose Studio and production house London Alley, while the commercials were directed by actor and screenwriter Lake Bell.

The creative leans into Arnett and Hahn’s comedic backgrounds and references recent sales trends, such as the emergence of the Stanley tumbler as a favorite among Gen Z.

In Hahn’s spot, the “WandaVision” the star plays a cool aunt who’s forgotten to pick up basketball shoes for her nephew ahead of tryouts. After lamenting that she doesn’t have time to stop by a physical Dick’s store, Hahn is reminded by her younger relative that she could just go to She is then zapped to a virtual Dick’s destination that has the sneakers she needs, as well as reams of basketballs, Stanley cups and other products.

Arnett’s commercial plays out in a similar fashion, with the actor searching for soccer cleats for his daughter and sweating as he attempts to appear in the know about

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Hellmann’s quadruple dips on Super Bowl with ‘most impactful’ ad yet

December 6, 2023

Hellmann’s will return to the Super Bowl for the fourth consecutive year with another spot centered on its program combating food waste, reports Marketing Dive.

Announcing its plans, the Unilever-owned mayonnaise marketer indicated that the annual sporting event is a major source of food waste, providing a timely opportunity to promote “Make Taste, Not Waste,” which encourages creative use of leftovers. Previous Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercials have also focused on the topic, seeking to balance a purpose-led message with the entertainment value fans seek during TV’s biggest night.

“Given what we know about food waste the day after the game, there couldn’t be a more relevant moment to drive awareness and make an impact about the issue,” said Chris Symmes, marketing director of Dressings North America at Unilever, in a statement. “For the last three years, we’re proud to say that our message got people talking about leftovers—we even saw an increase in the conversation about food waste by double digits—and we have plans to make this year the most impactful yet.”

Hellmann’s will run a 30-second ad for the CBS broadcast slated for February 11 during the second quarter, the company confirmed. Agency Wunderman Thompson developed the creative.

The brand’s latest big game play follows a Super Bowl campaign earlier this year that paired actors Jon Hamm and Brie Larson, punning on their food-friendly names. The effort, which ends with a cameo from Pete Davidson, was also made with Wunderman Thompson and received a muted reception.

Hellmann’s has ramped up its football presence in recent months, inking a lifetime endorsement deal with Titans quarterback Will Levis in August. The strategy has extended to the college arena, as well, through a partnership with the SEC that included the inaugural Hellmann’s Award.

The Hellmann’s news arrives as a deluge of Super Bowl-related advertising announcements are expected in the weeks ahead as brands try to stoke anticipation for what are often exorbitantly pricey campaigns. CBS in November said it was “virtually sold out” of Super Bowl LVIII inventory, with reports suggesting the network has sought between $6.5 million to $7 million for 30 seconds of airtime.

Hellmann’s factoring a purpose-driven theme into its Super Bowl strategy also comes as parent Unilever reassesses the tactic that it helped popularize. The packaged goods giant, which is in the midst of a leadership transition, has stated that it will not force-fit purpose on all of its brands after its approach became unfocused in recent years.

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