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Nation’s largest no-kill rescue shelter opens in Alabama; aims to save 5,000 dogs a year

November 22, 2022

Macon County Dog Kennels— newly opened in Alabama to help combat a pet overpopulation crisis in the southeastern United States—has become the largest no-kill rescue shelter in America, reports Good News Network.

The facility, which has been in operation since earlier this month, was renovated from an old greyhound training center into a shelter that has the capacity to save, rehabilitate, and adopt out up to 5,000 dogs per year.

The intention of the founders was to service a region encompassing eight states, including Florida, and to help dogs find new homes across America.

“The opening of a second Big Dog Ranch Rescue location is something I’ve prayed for over the years,” Big Dog Ranch Rescue Founder and CEO Lauree Simmons said. “It’s a great day for us and, more importantly, it’s a great day for the dogs.”

Ironcally, Big Dog Ranch Rescue hasn’t always had this big dog ranch. Since starting work in 2008, the staff estimates that they’ve saved 53,000 dogs from being euthanized.

Currently its three renovated buildings include space for 100 dogs and a veterinary center, but a further 13 kennels are still undergoing work.

The 33-acre campus also includes work centers for several admirable programs, including one that unites veterans suffering from PTSD with abandoned service dogs, and a senior dog center that will pair pooches who’ve lost their elderly owners with other senior citizens looking for a new friend.

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