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Owner shocked by spoiled dog’s antics while he’s staying with ‘grandparents’

May 23, 2023

It’s often difficult for dog owners to leave their pets at home while they go on vacation, but rescue pup Myko was in very good hands when his ‘hoo-man’ left him with her parents for a couple of days, reports Newsweek.

Myko’s owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, knew that her rescue dog was having a blast with his grandparents as they sent regular updates of their antics. She told Newsweek that “Myko is obsessed with his ‘grandparents,’” and he will go to their house as often as four times a week to see them. “It’s like his second home, but we call it his vacation home,” she explained.

With that familiarity, there’s no doubt that Myko is happy to make himself comfortable. But when Myko’s mom arrived at the house to collect him, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Myko standing on top of the table for attention.

She posted a video on his TikTok account (@mykomushroom) on May 12, joking that he can “do whatever he wants” at their house. The video of the dog being spoiled has received over 450,000 views and more than 44,000 likes since it was posted.

“They had just cleared the table because they had finished breakfast. There’s a bench nearby, so apparently he just used it to climb up on there. He was busy kissing and nuzzling them when I walked in, and they were loving every moment.

“Myko has such a big personality, he’s very human-like. It was just a really cute and funny moment. He does all kinds of funny things, so while it was definitely surprising, it was not off-brand for him. I wasn’t mad at all, it was adorable.”

Myko’s owner said a lot of social media users have related to the video, as
grandparents have “a bond unlike any other” with their human and canine grandchildren.

“It’s a bond that’s free any of the totally normal and understandable challenges that come with being a parent,” she continued. “They just get to have fun, be a safe place, and an escape—it’s pure love.”

The video has received many comments from understanding pet owners who have had their own similar experiences.

One person commented: “What happens at the grandparents’ house stays at the grandparents’ house. My mom has my babies spoiled rotten.”

Another person jokingly wrote: “They clearly have a favorite child.”

Research contact: @Newsweek