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Nation’s largest no-kill rescue shelter opens in Alabama; aims to save 5,000 dogs a year

November 22, 2022

Macon County Dog Kennels— newly opened in Alabama to help combat a pet overpopulation crisis in the southeastern United States—has become the largest no-kill rescue shelter in America, reports Good News Network.

The facility, which has been in operation since earlier this month, was renovated from an old greyhound training center into a shelter that has the capacity to save, rehabilitate, and adopt out up to 5,000 dogs per year.

The intention of the founders was to service a region encompassing eight states, including Florida, and to help dogs find new homes across America.

“The opening of a second Big Dog Ranch Rescue location is something I’ve prayed for over the years,” Big Dog Ranch Rescue Founder and CEO Lauree Simmons said. “It’s a great day for us and, more importantly, it’s a great day for the dogs.”

Ironcally, Big Dog Ranch Rescue hasn’t always had this big dog ranch. Since starting work in 2008, the staff estimates that they’ve saved 53,000 dogs from being euthanized.

Currently its three renovated buildings include space for 100 dogs and a veterinary center, but a further 13 kennels are still undergoing work.

The 33-acre campus also includes work centers for several admirable programs, including one that unites veterans suffering from PTSD with abandoned service dogs, and a senior dog center that will pair pooches who’ve lost their elderly owners with other senior citizens looking for a new friend.

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Photos of Victorians meticulously rebuilding Stonehenge in 1901 are rewriting the guidebooks

November 9, 2022

Photos are shedding light on the painstaking rebuilding of Stonehenge by Victorians in 1901—depicting engineers trying to move the tallest stones back into their intricate prehistoric positions, reports Good News Network.

Britain’s most famous ancient monument on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire was built around 2500 BC, but after thousands of years spent standing, some of the stones had fallen out of place.

Most guidebooks since the 1970s had made no mention of the facelift provided during the Victorian era—or other restorations completed around 1920, 1959, and 1964. But the fascinating photos found by a researcher of history at the University of the West of England show the repairs in 1901.

The photo above shows stone #56, one of the tallest of them all, at 21 feet, 6 inches. It had fallen over, and work was undertaken to push it back up into its original position using pulleys and ropes. A ‘bobble’ called a tenon in the upright stones fit into holes made in the horizontal lintels.

It is believed that 14 of the stones were also set in concrete during these early renovations and concealed under the turf—and only seven are in their original sockets.

English Heritage, which oversees Stonehenge, vowed 20 years ago to rewrite the official guidebooks to make sure the rebuilding is part of the story told to the one million visitors each year who come to marvel at the engineering prowess of our early ancestors.

“The work is a very important part of the history of Stonehenge and when people are told about it they are fascinated,” said English Heritage senior archaeologist Dave Batchelor.

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UK residents can win a good night’s sleep in first BnB to offer actual sheep-counting

October 3, 2022

Located near a hillside in dreamy rural Sussex, England, in a field full of the fluffy farm animals, a “sleep dome” is offering tired patrons a chance to doze off counting real sheep, reports Good News Network.

The small glamping outfit created by a sleep technology company will host two guests and feature a luxurious double-bed with views of idyllic surroundings from all angles.

After dinner and settling in for the night, guests will be encouraged to count the numbered sheep as they walk about their paddock before gently drifting off into a blissful slumber beneath the stars.

Daylight will herald a guided yoga session and a breakfast full of locally-sourced food.

The ‘Shleep Sanctuary’ was created by sleep tech company Emma Sleep, which has launched a contest offering two people the chance to try it for free when it opens in summer 2023.

The dome was created after a poll of 2,000 adults found 44% have struggled to get to sleep this year.

More than one-fifth (21%) of those polled have struggled to sleep due to worries over the cost-of-living crisis, while 23% have been kept up fretting about work.

“The study also found that 23% of respondents claim their quality of sleep is worse now than ever before—with 10% even admitting they can’t remember the last time they slept well.

Trying to improve these unhappy situations, 14% of adults have employed ‘visualization tactics’ like counting sheep in a bid to get a good night’s sleep.

The study, conducted by OnePoll, also revealed factors that respondents say boost their chances of sleeping well—including fresh air and the sound of nature.

“When practiced regularly, these kinds of exercises have been proven to lower the heart rate by encouraging slower breathing and activating the parasympathetic nervous system,” said Theresa Schnorbach, sleep scientist at Emma.

“Imaginative distraction is also an effective cognitive strategy to help sleep, where you imagine a pleasant and relaxing image in as much detail as you possibly can—like counting fluffy sheep as they jump over a fence,” she says.

“The aim is to use as much cognitive capacity as possible so that worrying thoughts are suppressed. Studies show this not only shortens the time it takes to fall asleep but also improves sleep quality.”

For a chance to win a stay at the Shleep Sanctuary with a guest of your choice, register here.

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Safari park worker is ‘BFF’ with lion that he’s cuddled and pampered for years

September 22, 2022

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and breeds, as can attest a South African animal expert who has been best friends with a 550-pound lion named George for over ten years, reports Good News Network.

The pair first met when George was born at the Lion and Safari Park in Gauteng, South Africa, where Shandor Larenty works as the head of Animal Husbandry.

Since then, Shandor has groomed the big cat and played with him every day—and the pair can often be seen cuddling together in an extraordinary way.

The ten-year-old lion has developed from a tiny cub to the head of his own pride, but he always makes time for Shandor.

“It’s like watching a child grow up,” said the 27-year-old animal lover. “It’s exactly the same feeling.

Above, belly rubs are appreciated. (Photo source: Shandor Larenty via TikTok/SWNS)

And George chooses to spend time with Shandor as much as the other way around.

“George is similar to me in the sense tha,t while he’s social, he also likes to be alone a lot. It’s amazing to see that, when I arrive, he’ll leave the rest of the pride and walk over.

George loves to be pampered and Shandor massages, brushes his hair, and plays with him at least once a day.

“He absolutely loves the fly repellent we make for him. He rolls around like a little kitten, and it’s his favorite time to get a massage, or a foot rub—he loves it.”

However, Shandor says that lions have good days and bad days just like us. “If I go in there and he doesn’t come running up, then I know it’s not going to happen.”

“I always say, at the end of the day, their natural instinct kicks in, so if one lion has a go at you, the others join in.

One time, when Shandor was with George’s son, who’s part of the pride, he almost got attacked—but George was quick to save him.

“Lions have two growls,” says Shandor. “On that day the growl was really not happy, and he just walked up to me and growled like that—and out of the blue he came running at me.

“From the left-hand side came George’s lioness who grabbed him and from the right-hand side George came running and knocked me to the side and grabbed (his offspring). “It gave me time to get away.”

Most of the time there is only benefit for the young lion whisperer. “I can think of times in my life where I was really struggling and the animals really helped me.”

These days, Shandor and George have become TikTok sensations and their videos regularly receive hundreds of thousand of views.

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Man organizes redo of school football match after 50 years of guilt over scoring dubious goal

September 6, 2022

A Brit has organized a replay of a school football match after 50 years of feeling guilty for scoring a “foul” goal, reports the Good News Network.

 Graeme Jones admitted to shoving a goalkeeper who had the ball in his hands, “ten yards” over the goal line in the dying seconds of a match to earn a “dubious” draw in September 1972.  But the former Royal Navy training instructor said he was determined to “put right a wrong” after learning of the result’s lasting impact on his aggrieved local rivals.

 It was no mean feat either, as Jones had to spend 18 months assembling the same line-up from the Gayton Primary School team, in the Wirral, who took on St Peter’s School half a century ago. And before the game—played on Saturday, August 27—they even recreated an old squad photo that had appeared in a local paper when they were just ten years old.

Jones’s bitter rivals went on to take a stunning 6-2 win in the one-off geriatric grudge match.

Although he was left feeling disappointed with the final result, Jones said he could now put his “demons to bed”.

“We got stuffed because they had to bring on a couple of [younger players],” said Jones. “But my demons have been put to bed and my conscience is clear now, and we would have still lost regardless.”

 He added, “As I said before if we lose, we lose, and I wanted to turn a wrong into a right.”

 It became all the more urgent to put the matter to bed since, during 2020 lockdowns, when the idea of organizing the game came to Jones, he discovered that his neighbor from the St. Peter’s team had never forgiven him for playing dirty all those years ago.

 “He told me, ‘I remember that game, and I’ve never forgiven you,’” said Jones. “‘You shoved the goalkeeper about ten feet behind the line in the corner kick in the dying minute, and your school PE teacher [the referee] gave the goal.”

 “I was a center-half back in the day, and I just came up and bulldozed my way through,” he reminisced. “You wouldn’t get away with it today.”

 Over the next couple of years ,Jones went about tracking down every former player who’d been in his school team’s original starting line-up. He had to bully a few and plead to others—but he managed to get the exact, albeit greyer, starting team as before.

 The two teams played a 30-minute-a-side match at nearby Heswall football club’s ground, with a raffle set up to help buy Jones’s old school a new team kit.

 And though Jones said that “the best parts of him are in a hospital bin” and that the team of golden oldies wouldn’t attempt another match, he said they would continue to meet up and renew their bonds following the now iconic fixture, with 522 years of memories between them all.

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Stray dog crashes couple’s wedding—and becomes part of their new family

August 5, 2022

Douglas Robert and Tamíris Muzini were ready for their big day, when they would commit to spending happily ever after together—but Tamíris didn’t know there was someone else, reports Good News Network.

As the bride arrived at the church, she noticed a “wedding crasher” in attendance—a stray blonde dog that was mingling gently with guests.

Not putting paw nor tail out of place, the ceremony eventually commenced with the dog sitting down by the doorway to watch, as if he knew what was happening. After the “I do’s” were done, the beautiful couple made for the exit. That’s when the dog suddenly became excited.

“When he greeted us at the end, he asked: ‘Take me home. Take me,’” Muzini  told The Dodo.

They decided in that very moment to make their happily ever after fit for three—adopting and naming the scrawny pooch Braiá Caramelo.

Scars abound, suggesting that his road to the door of the church that fateful day had not been an easy one—but that’s all behind him now. “He’s so loving. Despite everything he’s been through, he still believes in the goodness of people,” Muzini added. “He gives us hope.”

Instagram posts suggest the three are doing very well, settling into a new lifetime together in stride.

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Large study confirms that water births ‘provide clear benefits’ for moms and newborns

July 20, 2022

Water births provide “clear benefits” for healthy moms and their newborn babies, according to new research performed at Oxford Brookes University in Britain, reports Good News Network.

The investigators found that giving birth in a tub results in fewer medical interventions and complications, both during and after the birth, than standard deliveries—as well as higher levels of satisfaction for the mum.

A large review of 36 previous studies also found that water births “significantly reduced” the use of epidurals and injected opioids, as well as pain and heavy bleeding after the birth.

A water birth involves using a birthing pool to achieve relaxation and pain relief, either exiting the pool for the birth, so the newborn can emerge into air to breathe, or remaining in the birthing pool and bringing the baby to the surface to start breathing.

The researchers wanted to compare the extent of healthcare interventions needed during and after labor between the two different types of water birth and to see if outcomes differed between a water birth and standard care not involving a birthing pool.

They analyzed 36 previous studies, published between 2000 and 2021, involving more than 150,000 women. The studies included a range of interventions and outcomes such as induced labor; artificial breaking of waters; use of epidurals; admission to intensive care, and breastfeeding.

Lead author Dr. Ethel Burns, of Oxford Brookes University, said the data analysis,Dr,. published in BMJ Open, showed that a water birth, regardless of whether women birth in or out of the pool, “has clear benefits to women” in obstetric units, where most births take place and where healthcare interventions and complications are more likely than in midwife-led units.

And it increased the satisfaction levels of mothers, as well as the odds of them going home with an intact perineum. It also resulted in less augmentation, episiotomy, and requirements for pharmacological analgesia.

The findings showed that there were more instances of umbilical cord breakage among water births, but the rate was still low: 4.3 per 1,000 births in water compared with 1.3 per 1,000 births with standard care. The researchers suggested that may be linked to pulling on the umbilical cord when the newborn is brought up out of the water.

“Water immersion provides benefits for the mother and newborn when used in the obstetric setting, making water immersion a low-tech intervention for improving quality and satisfaction,” said Dr. Burns.

“It is an effective method to reduce pain in labor, without increasing risk,” she concluded.

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Ashes scattered after dog dies form ‘miraculous’ shape in the wind: ‘They never truly leave us’

May 31, 2022

A photo shared on Reddit has gone viral, after thousands of people got emotional at the sight and others were flooded with memories of pets gone by, reports the Good News Network.

The picture—and video—show a woman scattering the ashes of her beloved departed dog, Biscuit, at a local park.

She called it a “miracle” after seeing the handful of ashes had formed into a familiar shape at the last second—the shape of her 12-year-old German Shepherd and collie mix, who passed away suddenly a few months ago.

Natalie Franko Larason, who had rescued Biscuit from the no-kill shelter, PAWS Chicago, told GNN that she scattered the ashes at one of their favorite parks in Southern California—where together they enjoyed long walks and many hours of romping with the ducks and turtles.

“I’m still shocked at this experience, and have found it healing to connect with so many …  and hear their stories of love and loss.”

When she posted the iPhone video capturing the moment, Larason wrote, “I was astonished. The shape they formed looked exactly like her. I took it as a sign of her final goodbye… It’s miraculous.”

She hopes her fellow animal-lovers will take comfort in the video and photo, just as she has.

“Rest in peace, my sweet Biscuit,” she wrote on YouTube. “I’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.”

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Dog sneaks into couple’s home during storm and snuggles her way into their bed

May 19, 2022

It could have been that a door was left ajar, or maybe a window. Julie Johnson from Tennessee isn’t sure; all she knows is that somehow, someway—a stranger was able to freely enter her house one night.

 This stranger however wasn’t trying to steal, but only to snuggle. A brown bull terrier with a golden heart and silent feet crept into the Johnsons’ house, jumped right into bed next to Julie and her husband Jimmy—and went to sleep, head on the pillows, reports Good News Network.

 “You could see light coming into our curtains in our bedroom and I feel my husband not just roll over—but kind of startled, like almost a jump roll over, and it woke me up,” Julie told NPR this week. “And in a quiet but stern voice, he said, ‘Julie, whose dog is this?’”

Despite the startle, in such a situation; it didn’t take long for Jimmy and Julie to realize the intruder meant them no harm, and was just “100% content being there.”

 How Nala the dog managed to enter their house without disturbing or garnering the attention of Jupiter, Hollis, and Zeppelin, the three dogs who normally sleep alongside the couple, the Johnsons will never know, and it must have made for an interesting chit-chat over morning coffee.

 Julie took to Facebook to see if she could locate the dog’s owners, posting a variety of selfies she took with the pup. Not long after, Nala’s owners contacted them to explain she had slipped out of her collar on a walk the day before just ahead of a serious thunderstorm.

She had escaped into the woods, and between the four dog parents, the working theory arose that Nala had entered the Johnsons’ house out of fear of the thunder and lighting.

“Our overly friendly pup, Nala, has hit an all-time record for ignoring personal space and added yet another trick to her long list of Houdini acts,” Cris Hawkins, one of Nala’s owners, wrote on Facebook.

“Shame [on] Nala for somehow breaking into a stranger’s house and invading their personal space. Thankfully, the couple thought it was hilarious and they aren’t even mad about it.”

Since the incident, the four pooches have had playdate in the park, celebrating their new, and entirely accidental friendship.

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Photographer takes hilarious pictures of dogs catching cheese to raise money for charity

March 28, 2022

A Scottish dog photographer who captures hilarious pictures of pooches trying to catch cubes of cheese has been busy raising money to buy pet food for food banks, reports Good News Network.

Recently, 56-year-old Carolyne Cowan snapped pictures of 41 dogs lunging for cheese at a charity ‘catchathon’ event. She immortalized everything from frisky Rottweilers and Greyhounds to little Border Terriers.

Her husband Alasdair diced up 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of cheese to throw at the pooches while Carolyne snapped away—taking around 50 pictures per pet.

Hilarious behind-the-scenes footage shows impatient Rottweiler Zeus getting set up to catch the cheese.

Carolyne, who owns Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Studios, started the event in 2018 and put it on for 14 months—raising £15,000 (US$20,000)—but was forced to pull the plug on it when the pandemic hit.

She said of their recent event, “It was a crazy day but we have never laughed so much ever.”

Among her descriptions of her subjects:

  • “The owners had a ball, it was brilliant.
  • “There were only six dogs who didn’t or couldn’t catch the cheese.
  • “Some were being princesses and just looking at Alasdair after he threw the cheese with great disdain, as if to say, how dare you throw something at me.
  • “But you get the hilarious outtakes with the ones who don’t catch so it was great fun and the dogs loved it.

Cowan says she also has started a fundraising page “because someone in America contacted us saying they could be there, but would like to donate.“So we are hoping to get up to our target through that.”

To donate visit the GoFundMe page here.

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