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Pharmacies nationwide report outages in wake of cyberattack

February 23, 2024

Pharmacies across the country are reporting delays to prescription orders, due to a cyberattack against one of the nation’s largest healthcare technology companies.

Change Healthcare—a company handling orders and patient payments nationwide in the United States—first noticed the “cybersecurity issue” affecting its networks on Wednesday morning, February 21, on the East Coast, reports Fox Business.

“Change Healthcare is experiencing a network interruption related to a cybersecurity issue and our experts are working to address the matter. Once we became aware of the outside threat, in the interest of protecting our partners and patients, we took immediate action to disconnect our systems to prevent further impact,” Change Healthcare said in a statement.

It added, “We will provide updates as more information becomes available.”

Pharmacies across the country have put out notices that the attack on Change Healthcare is disrupting their ability to process patients’ orders.

“We are experiencing a temporary pharmacy outage at the 22d Medical Group. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work diligently to resolve the issue. Our team is working to restore complete pharmacy services as soon as possible,” reads a post from 22nd Medical Group, a medical center based around McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas.

“The estimated date for resolving this issue will be tomorrow or later. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on our progress.”

There is currently no publicly available report on the nature or origin of the cybersecurity issue plaguing Change Healthcare.

“There is a nationwide outage from some of the largest prescription processors in North America,” Michigan-based Canadian Lakes Pharmacy wrote on social media Wednesday.

The announcement continued, “We CAN receive your RX but MOST insurance plans we cannot bill to your insurance company. If you can wait a day or so to pick up your RX that would be great. If you need it today we can do our best to accommodate individual needs.”

The service outage is expected to last at least one day, but Change Healthcare has not given a definitive timeline for a return to service.

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Cookie brand offers delivery boxes with breakup messages ahead of Valentine’s Day: ‘We’re done.’

February 1, 2024

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on February 14—and, this year, a cookie company is offering customers a chance to be single just in time for the holiday.

Insomnia Cookies has announced the release of custom cookie delivery boxes ahead of the holiday to enable customers to break up in a “low-key” fashion with your fling before the day of love arrives, reports Fox Business.

The company, a cookie brand, based in Pennsylvania, is offering a limited-time cookie box called the “It’s Not Me, It’s You” pack.

Upon the package’s arrival, recipients of the box of warm cookies will open the lid to read a special message from the sender.

Options for the message include, “It’s not me, it’s you,” “You’re sweet, but not my taste,” “Have the hots for your roommate,” and “We’re done. Have a nice life.”

Insomnia said in a press release that the cookie delivery messaging is a “very unserious way of ending things, since warm cookies [are] better than a cold heart.”

Brand director Gab Dolceamore told Fox that the company is excited to be launching the limited-edition cookie pack this Valentine’s Day. “Breaking up with your significant other can be a real downer, so we wanted to provide a lighthearted—somewhat unserious—alternative to a text message for insomniacs whose current flings have crumbled,” she said.

The late-night cookie delivery brand started when founder Seth Berkowitz wanted a sweet and warm treat delivered to his dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, according to the brand’s website.

With an idea and a dream, Berkowitz then opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Syracuse, New York, in 2006—and the brand has been growing ever since.

In 2021, Insomnia Cookies opened its 200th store—and plans for a new headquarters in downtown Philadelphia were announced in 2022.

Those interested in sending a breakup box of cookies can purchase them online starting Tuesday, January 30, through Sunday, February 18.

The cupid crusher box is available for a normal 12-pack of cookies; customers can select the type of cookies to include. Insomnia Cookies said there would be an upcharge available for selecting limited-time cookie flavor options.

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Little Golden Book biography of Taylor Swift is a smash hit: Sells 1M copies in seven months

December 22, 2023

A biographical children’s book about Taylor Swift has created a new record for the Little Golden Book brand, Fox Business reports.

Random House Children’s Books, part of Penguin Random House, said in a press release last week that “Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography” has become “the fastest-selling Little Golden Book” since the line started over 80 years ago.

The feat was reported earlier by The Washington Post.

 he popular children’s biography, authored by Wendy Loggia, achieved that status after racking up over 1 million book sales in seven months. Its 24 pages contain illustrations by Elisa Chavarri.

“I’m incredibly touched by the reaction to the book, but I can’t say I’m surprised,” Loggia said in the press release. “Taylor’s fandom is unparalleled, and to see readers of all ages, from adults to mini Swifties, embrace the book has been, well, sweet like honey!”

“Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography” has garnered some attention on TikTok, with the hashtag  #taylorswiftlittlegoldenbook clocking 477,700 views; and a similar one, #taylor swiftgoldenbook, receiving 380,400 views.

The Swift-focused children’s book, which currently costs $5.99, became part of Little Golden Book and its lineup of gold spine books upon its debut in May. In the four-week span following the publication of “Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography,” people bought 170,000, The Wall Street Journal reported over the summer—citing publisher-provided data.

Swift, herself, has set some records this year. The global “Eras Tour”—which Swift kicked off in March with a trio of performances in Arizona—has produced a gross of $1.04 billion over the course of a 12-month period ending November 15, according to Pollstar. That estimate, the industry publication said, represented the first instance of a billion-dollar tour.

The 2023 Time Person of the Year also has been dubbed a billionaire by both Bloomberg and Forbes, and has seen major success on music streaming platforms.

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Kraft Heinz to roll out pickled-flavored ketchup

November 10, 2023

Kraft Heinz announced Monday, November 6, that it soon will be offering a pickle-flavored ketchup as its latest condiment creation. The company says, “It’s a big dill,” according to a report by Fox Business.

In a press release, the company pointed to Datassential proprietary research released in October indicating that 73% of Americans reported that they enjoy the taste of pickles, and Heinz wants to capitalize on love for the flavor.

“Increased desire for tasty, yet unexpected, condiments has served as our innovation north star for the last several years,” Heinz director of Innovation Katie Peterson comments.

“The current pickle craze in America mirrors the irrational love Heinz fans have for the brand, so it only made sense for our newest ketchup to blend these two beloved tastes together,” Peterson adds.

Heinz Pickle Ketchup will begin showing up on store shelves in the United States in early 2024, and is already available at select locations in the United Kingdom.

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‘Pharmageddon’ is coming: Thousands of pharmacists plot next walkout over work conditions

October  31,2023

Workers from some of the nation’s biggest pharmacy chains, from CVS to Walgreens, have planned another “walkout” starting Monday, October 30, as they continue to plead for better working conditions, Fox Business first reported.

They’re calling it “pharmageddon,” Shane Jerominski, a licensed pharmacist for over a decade who is helping coordinate the latest protest, told Fox.

From Monday through Wednesday workers at Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid have pledged to call in sick, according to Jerominski. It comes on the heels of a protest earlier this month during which employees at 200 Walgreens (out of 9,000) called out sick. Shortly before that, CVS employees in at least a dozen Kansas stores didn’t show up to work in a separate walkout.

Jerominski says workers are demanding a slate of things to ease the onslaught of duties they have taken on in recent years. Some of the biggest demands include guaranteed hours and better pay for technicians. They also want pharmacists and pharmacy managers to have a direct say in the scheduling.

The hope is that these changes will lead to better staffed stores, improve their work-life balance, and reduce the margin of error that they say could impact patient safety.

“We are a force to be reckoned with and we demand more from those who would see us and those we care for suffer,” a letter sent to Walgreens staff from organizers of “pharmaggedon” said.

It’s hard to pinpoint how many people will be involved in this latest effort, according to Jerominski. However, according to a poll posted on his social media page, The Accidental Pharmacist, over 2,000 people said, “I’m all for this no matter what.”

An additional 1,442 people said they would as long as “hundreds to thousands of pharmacists and technicians” participate, according to screenshots of the poll seen by Fox.

Aside from asking people to call out sick, Jerominski (who told Fox that he is not one of the main organizers of the walkout) also is trying to organize protests in front of CVS and Walgreens headquarters this week to make their movement more visible.

The issue is that major pharmacy chains have been unable to effectively staff their stores and pharmacies. At the same time, they have ramped up vaccine appointments, which made pharmacies fall behind on filling prescriptions, according to the pharmacist.

“Our stores are still thousands of prescriptions behind. Our patients are still going days, weeks or even months without their needed medicine. And they’re pretending that there’s not a problem,” a pharmacist, told Fox Business on Friday, October 27. “Until they acknowledge that there’s an actual problem and work to address the actual problem… we have to keep pushing.”

Amid the growing issues in the industry, a spokesperson for Rite Aid told Fox that the company is committed to “providing safe, productive and supportive work environments for all our associates; including our dedicated pharmacists, who serve our communities by providing vaccines, prescriptions, and day-to-day guidance on whole health.”

A spokesperson for CVS said it’s not seeing any “unusual activity regarding unplanned pharmacy closures or pharmacist walkouts” and that it’s working with its pharmacists to directly address any of their concerns.

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U.S. airlines adding Maui flights to help residents, visitors flee

August 14, 2023

Major U.S. carriers are adding flights to help passengers flee Maui as one of the deadliest wildfires in U.S. history continues to decimate parts of the island, reports Fox Business.

A spokesperson for Hawaiian Airlines told Fox Business that it wasextending its operations on Thursday, August 10, with six additional flights to Honolulu from Kahului to help evacuate travelers affected by the brush fires on Maui. The fires were driven by fierce winds from a hurricane and have already killed at least 36 people.

Officials in Hawaii warned Thursday that the death toll could rise—with the fires still burning and teams spreading out to search charred areas.

Hawaii already added nine extra flights on Wednesday between Honolulu and Kahului to accommodate departures out of Maui, in addition to supporting emergency response efforts.

“The safety of our guests and employees, including teammates who live and work on Maui, is our priority. We are working closely with the state of Hawaiʻi to support the transportation of first responders and supplies and help with the overall emergency response as best as we can,” the spokesperson continued.

United Airlines went as far as canceling all of its inbound flights to Maui so that planes can fly empty and “be used as passenger flights back to the mainland.”

American Airlines said it also added another flight and upgraded an aircraft “to ensure customers evacuating OGG [Kahului Airport] are able to do so.”

Delta Air Lines also is operating “extra sections out of Maui” to get people out of the impacted region.

Southwest Airlines, the second-largest carrier of Hawaii air travelers, also said it added service on Wednesday and Thursday, and plans to do so again Friday.

Beyond adding more flights, airlines are also providing travel waivers to give customers more flexibility to make travel changes without incurring any extra fees. Delta went as far as instituting fare caps.

Hawaiian is also offering $19 main cabin fares out of Maui to facilitate urgent travel needs. Since the state is discouraging non-essential travel to the area, the carrier is helping travelers change their flights or get a refund.

American said customers whose travel plans are affected by the wildfires can “rebook without fees, cancel, or receive a refund.”

In a Facebook post, Governor Josh Green asked Hawaii’s residents to provide all the emotional and financial support they can to residents of the town of Lahaina and Maui in general, calling the wildfires “the deadliest natural disaster the state has seen in generations.”

President Joe Biden also spoke about the Hawaii wildfires while traveling in Utah—pledging that federal disaster response will ensure that “anyone who’s lost a loved one or whose home has been damaged or destroyed is going to get help immediately.”

Biden promised to streamline requests for federal assistance and said the Federal Emergency Management Agency was “surging emergency personnel” on Maui. He also ordered all available Coast Guard and Air Force personnel on the island to work with the Hawaii National Guard to help.

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What’s the rush? Parents fork over thousands to help daughters deal with sorority recruitment

August 11, 2023

The parents of some college women hoping to join a Greek letter organization are putting large amounts of money toward services that promise to teach their daughters how to run circles around competitors during the all-important sorority rush process, reports Fox Business.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, August 7, on companies around the country that offer various forms of coaching for women going through sorority recruitment, with the costs for parents and their daughters varying based on the type of service. Some came in at $150, while others reached as high as several thousand dollars, according to the outlet.

One Texas-based sorority consulting firm, Hiking in Heels—which bills itself as “the premiere sorority rush coaching service for families nationwide”—has an option that involves being on-call for clients going through the process and costs $4,000, the Journal reported.

In Georgia, the company, It’s All Greek to Me, provides intensive, step-by-step guidance to college women rushing for $3,500. That service includes “full support through the summer and rush with your mentor-built relationship,” It’s All Greek to Me’s website stated.

Meanwhile, Recruitment Ready in Atlanta affords those who pay nearly $1,000 private counseling on a slew of topics, rush week support, and other services.

Greek Chic, one that’s based out of New York, offers an option for guidance on dressing for the events, navigating conversations, obtaining letters of recommendation, and other aspects of sorority recruitment, according to its website. That service, which also features “on-call availability” during rush week, reportedly comes with a price tag of $2,000.

Other services available to women wanting to join sororities were less expensive, such as a $150 video session from Recruitment Ready or a $600 training from It’s All Greek to Me that offers tips on topics such as timelines, social media and makeup.

The exact format and length of recruitment generally varies by university, with rush lasting a few days on certain campuses and a week at others. It culminates in Bid Day, when many women receive invitations to join a sorority chapter.

The Journal, citing National Panhellenic Conference data, reported sororities saw over 125,000 women rush in 2022. Of those, 20%-25% reportedly didn’t receive a bid from a chapter or dropped out during the process.

Videos of college women documenting the ins-and-outs of going through rush have gained a large amount of attention online in the past couple years, particularly those doing so at the University of Alabama. At that school, roughly 43% of female students belonged to a sorority chapter, according to U.S. News & World Report.

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Buttigieg says DOT is investigating why Delta passengers remained on plane in extreme heat

July 24, 2023

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says the department is investigating why Delta Air Lines passengers on flight 555 from Las Vegas to Atlanta on Monday, July 17, remained onboard a plane that sat on the tarmac for hours as temperatures soared above 100 degrees, reports Fox Business.

“The reports are shocking and we are investigating, I want to know how it was possible for passengers to be left in triple-digit heat onboard an aircraft for that long. Even at normal temperatures, a tarmac delay is not supposed to go that long and we have rules about that, which we are actively enforcing right now,” Buttigieg said in a statement to Fox Business on Friday, July 21.

The plane reportedly sat on the tarmac at Harry Reid International Airport for hours on Monday.

During tarmac delays, the Transportation Department says airlines must provide comfortable cabin temperatures and begin moving the plane within three hours of a delayed domestic flight to a location where passengers can exit.

The department said that it would hold the airline accountable for any violations.

Delta said in a statement that it was investigating the cause of the situation.

“We apologize for the experience our customers had on flight 555 from Las Vegas to Atlanta on July 17, which ultimately resulted in a flight cancellation,” the airline said in a statement to Fox Business on July 18. “Delta teams are looking into the circumstances that led to uncomfortable temperatures inside the cabin and we appreciate the efforts of our people and first responders at Harry Reid International.”

Fox News Field Producer Krista Garvin was onboard the flight, which had been taxiing behind more than a dozen others.Passengers were waiting in 111-degree F heat with no air conditioning when the pilot announced the plane had to return to the gate due to multiple emergencies, she said.

Flight attendants were seen running up and down the aisles with oxygen tanks. Multiple passengers had passed out and some had soiled themselves. The pilot instructed passengers to “hit your call button if you’re having a medical emergency.”

A flight attendant and a passenger were transported to a local hospital. 

Passengers were then given a choice to leave the plane, according to Garvin, but were told that if they did, it may take days to get another flight to Atlanta. Many passengers chose to stay on the plane, Garvin said, but temperatures inside began to rise again.

Temperatures at the airport fluctuated between 111 and 115 degrees on Monday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

After four hours, Garvin said stretchers were wheeled onto the plane, and passengers were asked to disembark back into the airport. The flight was moved to 7 a.m. on Tuesday, but passengers learned it was canceled again. 

Customers also received apologies directly as well as compensation.

Delta said that the time of initial departure until the flight was canceled was just over three hours, but the airline noted the plane did make at least one gate return due to heat-related weight and balance issues.

Delta Air Lines did not immediately respond to Fox Business’ requests for comment on Friday, July 21.

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$6K Japanese gelato breaks world record for most expensive ice cream: ‘Rich in taste and texture’

May 24, 2023

A Japanese ice cream brand has broken the world record for the “most expensive ice cream,” according to Guinness World Records. Cellato, a premium Japanese gelato company, has churned up a unique ice cream flavor that retails for $6,696 per serving, reports Fox Business.

The pricey frozen treat has been named Byakuya, which means “white knight,” in Japanese, and it’s made from rare and costly ingredients that give the gelato a pale hue.

Served in a small glass jar that can hold 130 milliliters of product, the Byakuya gelato is made with a special Phantom White Truffle from Alba, Italy, which is priced at $15,192 per kilogram, according to Guinness World Records.

 The truffle-based gelato is also blended with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; sake lees, a traditional Japanese table sauce that’s faintly sweet; and has a ginjo sake scent; and an edible gold leaf topping.

Other ingredients include milk, sugar, egg yolk, rice and rice malt, black truffle, brewed alcohol, cashew nuts, and unspecified dairy products, according to Cellato’s website.

“It took us over 1.5 years to develop, with a lot of trials and errors to get the taste right,” a Cellato representative told Guinness World Records in a statement.

“Achieving a Guinness World Records title made the effort all worth it,” the brand continued.

Tadayoshi Yamada, the head chef at RiVi, a gastronomy restaurant in Osaka, helped Cellato make its European-Japanese fusion ice cream, according to Guinness World Records.

Adventurous ice cream customers who order the Byakuya gelato will receive a handcrafted metal spoon made by Takeuchi craftsmen in Fushimi, Kyoto, according to Cellato’s website.

The brand notes that the four-figure gelato can be shipped via a frozen flight by Yamato Transport, one of Japan’s largest door-to-door delivery service companies.

The Byakuya gelato should be served with Cellato’s provided white truffle oil and needs to be mixed until it’s “slightly soft,” according to the gelato brand. Microwaving or waiting until the gelato reaches room temperature is recommended if a customer can’t manage to get his or her spoon into the record-breaking frozen dessert, Cellato disclosed on its website.

Guinness World Records reports that the Byakuya gelato will be a flagship treat.

Cellato staff told the record reference publication that its $6,696 gelato “is rich in taste and texture.”

The previous world record holder for the most expensive ice cream belonged to the Serendipity3 restaurant in New York City, which served a $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae that included pricey vanilla and a 23-karat edible gold leaf.

Representatives at Cellato told Guinness World Records the company is planning to release additional gelato flavors made with champagne and caviar.

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Yankees remain highest-valued MLB franchise as league average revenue hits all-time high

March 27, 2023

Major League Baseball teams remain very valuable—none more so than the New York Yankees, reports Fox Business.

The Yankees remain atop the league as the most valuable franchise at $7.1 billion, an 18% increase from last year, according to Forbes’ latest list. Forbes has been tracking MLB franchise values since 1998, and the Yankees have never relinquished their spot at the top.

The Los Angeles Dodgers rank second in value at $4.8 billion, also an 18% increase from last year.

The Yankees are a big-market team. And New York Mets owner Steve Cohen is the richest owner in the sport. But the Yankees remain a global brand.

The Yankees, owned by the Steinbrenner family, have an operating income estimated at $16.3 million, according to Forbes.

The Mets’ $2.9 billion valuation at No. 6 is due to a $138.5 million operating loss. Cohen is going for it all with the highest payroll in MLB at a record of over $304 million, according to Spotrac. By comparison, the Yankees have a projected $268 million payroll for 2023.

But, according to Fox Busines, the Yankees are not the only franchise to be thriving at the moment. MLB teams saw a 12% spike in average value to $2.32 billion this year. League revenue also increased to an all-time high of $10.3 billion, a 7.8% increase from the previous year.

Last season marked the first year in a couple of seasons that all 30 MLB clubs didn’t have seating restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which helped teams no matter the market. Ticket revenue jumped 64% to $2.4 billion, which includes postseason and spring training sales. Average operating income was down 20%, though, from 2021 ($17.7 million), while costs for players rose 13%.

The recent bankruptcy filing by Diamond Sports Group, which owns local media rights to 14 different teams, did have an impact on some valuations.

By contrast, teams like the Yankees, who have their own regional sports network, YES Network, do well because of the market and fandom. YES generates around $400 million in operating income, per Forbes.

Behind the Yankees and Dodgers, rounding out the top five, are the Boston Red Sox ($4.5 billion, 15%), Chicago Cubs ($4.1 billion, 8%) and San Francisco Giants ($3.7 billion, 6%). 

At the bottom of the list was the Miami Marlins, estimated to be worth $1 billion under owner Bruce Sherman. The Oakland Athletics franchise, long in flux looking to potentially relocate, is just above the Marlins at $1.18 billion.

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