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Loving dog brings his mom presents while she’s in the shower

June 29, 2020

A dog named Fin misses his mom while she’s in the shower—so, he has devised an interesting strategy to get her attention: He leaves little gifts outside the bathroom door, reports My Modern Met.

Whether he’s giving the gifts selflessly or has an ulterior motive questionable, though. Fin isn’t the biggest fan of his mom taking showers. She’s gone so long, which means there’s less time to play. So, the thoughtful pup came up with an intriguing strategy to get her attention. He began delivering gifts—all kinds of household items—to the bathroom door, in hopes of getting her to open the door again.

“From what my fiancé says, Fin brings a couple items to the door while I’m in the shower to see if any of them will get me to open the door,” says Fin’s mom, Vee Thayer. “Sometimes I’ll open it to find an assortment of items; other times, it’ll just be one thing.”

At first, Thayer was understandably confused. But soon, she came to look forward to the surprise gifts. There’s no way to predict what they’ll be. Some of her favorite things he’s brought her have been duct tape, tongs, shampoo, socks, his dog bed, a bowl of his food, hangers, and a pack of Post-it Notes.

She and Fin even have a little ritual now: “When I open the door, I always say thank you and check out each item. His face is the cutest when the door opens—it’s a mixture of pride and concern, like, ‘Oh jeez, I hope I brought the right thing!’”

Fin is also a very playful pup  and seems to think the right assemblage of items is the key to getting his humans to come back from wherever they’ve gone and play with him instead.

He even has devised another endearing ritual, in the hopes of getting his dad back from work sooner. “When he senses it’s about time for dog dad to get home from work, he’ll sit in a specific spot at the corner of the carpet in our living room and wait,” says Thayer. “The longer the wait, the more toys and items he’ll grab. It’s like he’s trying to find ‘the thing’ that will make his dad walk through the door.”

Fin’s adorable offerings have earned him many appreciative followers on both TikTok and Instagram, and he doesn’t seem to have any plans to stop soon.

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