Subway ads reach Millennials

While Millennials make roughly 25% of all consumer purchases today, fully 33% of advertising spend is directed their way. But what is the best way to reach this audience? Many believe it is through social media.

And, indeed, social media is a good bet. According to a survey by Crowdtap featured in  Entrepreneur magazine in 2014, Millennials were spending an outrageous 18 hours online a day—reading Facebook, sending texts, looking at the news.

 But there is another way to reach these buyers, ages 25 to 36,  as a “captive audience,” according to new survey results released this month by Civic Science. The pollsters recommend trying mass transit ads.

Here’s the deal, Civic Science advises: As much time as Millennials spend on social media, they do other things, too. Social media won’t get you from Point A to Point B, and it doesn’t feed you. Social media has a strong influence on this young demographic, naturally, but in focusing only on social media, advertisers may forget about other opportunities.

Specifically, the study found that 12% of Millennial respondents use public transportation at least  three times a week. Another 2% of Millennials use public transportation at least once a month.

In total, 45% of Millennials use public transportation at least occasionally, while the same is true for only 33% of Gen Xers, for comparison.

This form of advertising often is overlooked, as somehow downscale and unattractive. However, it has a long list of benefits, according to Civic Science—among them:

  • You can’t delete it;
  • You can’t ignore it;
  • You cannot turn it off, like television;
  • It reaches passengers no matter what radio stations they’re listening to;
  • You have exclusivity in your space;
  • It delivers a varied audience; and
  • It offers flexibility of ad size and location.

The pollster’s advice: When you couple these insights with the previous data about Millennials, and the fact that 67% of Millennials use an ad blocker, public transit advertising seems like a surefire way to stand out and engage Millennial consumers.

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