Study: Kevin Durant was the most overpaid basketball player in 2020-2021

July 15, 2021

The #1 most overpaid player in the NBA was Brooklyn Nets power forward Kevin Durant at $34,666 per minute, according to findings of a study just released by the sports news site,

The study analyzed every NBA player’s contract in the 2020-2021 season and deciphered which ballers were the most cost-efficient per minute, point scored, rebound, assists, block, and three-pointer made (minimum, 35 games played).

The researchers went through each of the 400+ NBA contracts and went through all of the stats after the 2020-2021 concluded. Not only did the researchers establish whom the most overpaid players were—but they found out whom the most underpaid players were along with many other interesting findings.

  • Point guard John Wall cost the Rockets $50,127 per point. With a salary of $41.3 million and only playing in 40 games, those ended up being some expensive points.
  • The most underrated & underpaid? Golden State Warriors small forward Juan Toscano-Anderson. He played 1,107 minutes as a reserve forward, which means the Warriors paid him just $324 per minute—the best value in the NBA. Toscano-Anderson also represented the best value in price-per-point, at $1,190.
  • Which Team was hit with the most injuries? Orland Magic, with a combined loss of 422 games due to injuries.
  • Best bang for your buck for each 3-Pointer made: You would think the Warriors’ point guard Steph Curry, with his league-leading 337 makes, however, the Miami Heat shooting guard Duncan Robinson is the big winner at ($6,655) per made three.
  • Of the Big 3 in Brooklyn, who was the best bargain?: Point guard Kyrie Irving was; he had a cost of ($17,741) per minute, compared to shooting guard James Harden ($25,591), and Durant ($34,666).
  • Joker with the assist: Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic had a better cost per assist ($49,319) than the Washington Wizards point guard Russell Westbrook ($54,206)James Harden ($71,061), and Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul ($66,493).

Complete Study Results:

Research contact: @Lines

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