Streetwear for strollers? Kith x Bugaboo is among this season’s hottest drops for babies

October 30, 2023

Becoming a parent can feel like a loss of identity. Your carefully curated adult life is suddenly flooded with strange brands and objects—Why is everyone obsessed with a giraffe?—that are key to your child’s survival, lifelong happiness, and, most importantly, ability to get into a magnet school.

And this sensation isn’t simply true to you or me: It even applies to Ronnie Fieg, founder of the footwear, fashion, and streetwear brand Kith, who upon learning of his family’s pregnancy, called up the stroller brand Bugaboo to collaborate, reports Fast Company.

Two years later, Kith is releasing its first two strollers in a limited-edition drop with Bugaboo. Each is a customization of an existing Bugaboo model: the lightweight foldable Butterfly (which is Bugaboo’s best-selling stroller globally) and the all-terrain Fox 5 (which is particularly beloved by the U.S. market).

The strollers are available today for $650 and $1,450, respectively, meaning the capsule collection runs a few hundred dollars more than your typical Bugaboo. A $130 changing tote is also available for purchase.

The project began with an invite from Kith, a company that’s certainly no stranger to collaborations, be it with the NFL or Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Still, Fieg insists that Kith is particularly careful about how it delves into products for youth (and yes, Kith will sell you $100 utility pants for your newborn).

“I’ve been very selective about our kids partnerships since launching the line in 2016,” writes Fieg over email. “Establishing our own design ethos and getting our product to the level it is now has been the focus.”

Similarly, Bugaboo has teamed with what it calls “unexpected” partners in the past, like the Van Gogh Museum, but it hasn’t collaborated with another brand for the past five years. “When Ronnie approached us, it was a matter of right place, right time,” says Jeanelle Teves, Bugaboo general manager North America. Upon their first meeting, Fieg presented a clear vision of how he imagined a Kith stroller product.

What the teams have developed are classic Bugaboo strollers, albeit remade in the muted neutral colorways of Kith. For the fabric pieces, that’s a simple enough challenge, but the colors extend from the wheels and wheel caps to the aluminum frame. Getting tones like these just right, across multiple materials, is always a challenge—and it required a significant amount of back-and-forth with their factory.

“Kith & Kin” is embroidered on the canopy, while the bumper bar is embossed with the brand in script, adding a finishing touch of brand cachet that whispers to your friends, “No, you can’t get one too; this stroller is already sold out.”

While most of us would consider Bugaboo’s strollers at least a little luxurious already, Teves believes that the collaboration is the first that really propels Bugaboo into the luxury lifestyle category—and she hopes to see her brand build off this momentum.

“Kith does an incredible job connecting with the next generation of parents, so I hope this introduces Bugaboo to a new wave of parents-to-be,” she says. “And I think we’re going to learn a lot.”

Research contact: @FastCompany