Something’s brewing: Starbucks opens 23,000-sq.-ft. coffee destination in New York City

December 14, 2018

If you’re wild about “joe,” you won’t want to waste a minute before you visit the Starbucks Reserve Roastery New York, which opens its doors to the public today.

The Manhattan location marks Starbucks fourth Roastery and second location nationwide–joining sites in Seattle, Shanghai,and Milan; with future openings coming to Tokyo and Chicago in 2019.

The immersive coffee experience—across nearly 23,000 square feet of lavish retail space—“celebrates the heritage of roasting and the craft of coffee,” according to a Starbucks announcement, which adds, “The sights and sounds of coffee’s journey from bean to cup are reflected at every turn in the thoughtfully designed environment.”

Indeed, Starbucks says, that the Roastery has been envisioned as “the pinnacle experience around all-things-coffee, and there is nothing else like it in the world.”

With premium coffees, teas, mixology—alcoholic beverages infused with coffee and tea—and the iconic Milanese Princi Bakery, the Roastery serves as a “Starbucks brand amplifier and a platform for future innovation,” said Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson. “Beverages such as Draft Nitro, Cold Foam, and Juniper Latte all began at the Roastery and have since been introduced to Starbucks locations around the world. It is the ultimate Starbucks Experience and an unforgettable way to connect with our customers.”

The Roastery employs nearly 300 people, including roasters, baristas, commessas (shop assistants), and mixologists. There are two coffee bars at the Roastery, which in total offer seven brewing methods, including pour over, Chemex, coffee press, siphon, espresso, Clover, and cold brewing.

At its core, the coffee chain says, Starbucks Reserve Roastery New York is a working coffee roastery, where Starbucks Master Roasters, who have trained for years in the craft of coffee roasting, will be small-batch roasting Starbucks rarest single-origin coffees and blends called Starbucks Reserve. Those coffees then get served fresh at the Roastery or shipped to Starbucks Reserve stores nationwide.

“New York is a hub to the world,” said Liz Muller, chief design officer of Starbucks. “We’ve designed a space where the excitement and dynamic activity of the neighborhood is mirrored in the Roastery. We want our customers to come in and feel very inspired.”

Research contact: @Starbucks

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