Snowmobile sales skyrocket amid pandemic-induced outdoor frenzy

February 16, 2021

As the snow piles up so are snowmobile sales. Even in the most frigid of environments, people are turning to snowmobiling as an activity that changes up the scene of pandemic-induced cabin fever, Fox Business reports.

The industry is seeing the biggest boom in more than two decades, with sales of snowmobiles up 19% from last year in North America so far this year, the American Council of Snowmobile Associations told Fox Business.

“We have people getting back into it that haven’t done this in 20 years buying snowmobiles just because they’re able to get out and do it again,” said Todd Renn, owner of the Wisconsin business, Twin Lakes Marine. “And also because they’re looking for something to do.”

Twin Lakes Marine, a marine and power sports dealership, also is seeing a wave of new customers and first-time buyers. The retailer makes up part of the $35 billion snowmobile industry in the United States. that is reaping the yields from vacations being cancelled and people reallocating money and time in new pastimes like boating, hiking, bicycling and snowmobiling.

In fact, the surging demand for the outdoors is providing a boost to the overall outdoor recreation industry overall. The recreation industry continues to grow and outperform economic growth in the United States during the pandemic, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis’s latest economic output.

Research contact: @FoxBusiness

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