Small business owners support new tax law, worry about healthcare

January 30, 2018

On January 23, the Job Creators Network (JCN), which calls itself “the voice of small business” in America,  released the results of a national poll that found strong overall approval of the Trump Administration’s policies—especially, the new tax legislation—but also demonstrated growing concerns over the affordability of healthcare.

The nationwide poll of 500 small business owners was conducted on behalf of JCN by Roosevelt Opinion Research.

Small business owners revealed broad support for Trump Administration policies and said that “Republicans are better suited to deal with economic issues over Democrats,” according to the JCN findings. In fact, 63.8% of respondents agreed that Trump policy changes have helped their businesses and 57.5 % said that Republicans are better at managing the economy—as opposed to 14% who said the same for Democrats. Much of the support is likely due to the general policy of deregulation that has been pursued by President Trump since taking office.

Specifically, the poll established that 68.4% of respondents viewed the new tax cut legislation favorably. Since much of the media coverage surrounding the bill has been critical—57.3% percent—these numbers provide insight into what the biggest job creators in the country are expecting to gain from the new tax relief.

However, many small business owners (76.5%) expressed concerns over rising healthcare costs and their ability to provide affordable coverage to their employees as well Indeed, 62.9% said the prices prevented them from offering care to their employees.

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