Siena poll: Just 35% of New York voters want Cuomo to resign

March 16, 2021

Most New York State voters are satisfied with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s response to the sexual harassment allegations made against him—and barely one-third want him to resign, according to findings of a Siena College Research Institute poll released on Monday morning, March 15, Politico reports.

The governor’s overall popularity has taken a hit over the past month, however. Only 43% of New Yorkers now view him favorably, while 45% view him unfavorably.

“Voters appear to be able to compartmentalize how they feel about Cuomo,” Siena spokesperson Steve Greenberg said in a statement. “While their views on him generally—favorability, job performance, re-elect—took a significant hit this month, voters’ views on Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic remain largely positive, except for his handling of nursing home death data.”

Cuomo’s numbers had already been gradually declining from the stratospheric highs they hit last spring. He’s now back around where he was before the pandemic; he polled at 44-50 favorable in a Siena poll in February 2020.

But as the governor fights back rapidly-spreading calls for him to leave office, it’s safe to assume that the numbers which will resonate the most are those finding that most voters aren’t ready for him to go.

A total of 57% of respondents say they’re “satisfied with the way Cuomo has addressed the allegations,” while 32% say they are “not satisfied.,” Politico reports.

And 48% of voters think he can “effectively do his job.” That compares to 34% who say he “cannot.” On the resignation question, 35% of voters think he should leave office, 50% say he should not,and 15% are undecided.

 “Nearly two-thirds of Republicans say Cuomo should resign, however, 61% of Democrats and 46% of Independents, a plurality, say he should not,” Greenberg said.

Research contact: @Politico

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