Should Trump get credit for the economy?

April 2, 2018

While President Donald Trump has taken credit for everything from the success of the rebooted Roseanne sitcom, to low unemployment, to the decreased level of airplane mishaps in 2017, is there something for which the POTUS really should get kudos?

Voters consistently have given President Trump low marks when it comes to his job performance, but more and more voters believe that Trump, rather than former U.S. President Barack Obama, is responsible for the current state of the economy, according to the latest Quinnipiac University Poll. Fully 46% say Trump should be credited, either for good or for bad; while 42% say Obama laid the foundation.

Whether this is good news or bad news for the president hinges on knowing just how voters rate the state of the economy, and in this case, the data ought to be encouraging for him: 61% of voters say the economy is excellent or good. Although this percentage is down from a high of 70% last month and 66% in January, these numbers are a significant improvement over the 46% of voters who said the same. market researchers at Public Opinion Strategies point out.

Likewise, in the January NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey (for which POS is the Republican partner with Democratic firm, Hart Research Associates), 35% of voters said the economy would improve over the next 12 months, while just 20% said it would decline. Fully 43% said it would stay about the same.

Tellingly, POS states, among the 35% who said it would get better, nearly two-thirds (65%) said Trump’s new economic policies were the reason; just 6% of these voters believe it will improve because of what President Obama set in motion during his time in office; and 29% say it is due to the normal business cycle improving.

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