Ronald the puppy finds his perfect home after 14 failed adoptions

January 25, 2023

North Carolina nurse Kierstin Davis is sharing the story of how she adopted a 63-pound white puppy called Ronald after he’d suffered 14 failed adoptions in just five weeks, reports People.

Speaking with The Washington Post, Davis said she knew she had to act fast after a post looking for Ronald’s 15th home by the SPCA of Wake County went viral.

After submitting an application, Davis, 28, received the happy news that “Ronny” was coming home to her family on January 12.

“Everything’s been really good at the house,” she said. “He really just fits in perfectly.”

As for why the energetic, playful dog kept getting returned, SPCA spokesperson Samantha Ranlet told the Post: “It was all just different versions of that combination of being really playful and kind of clumsy and goofy and still working on his manners, in combination with his large size.”\

The outlet didn’t note how many of the families had children, which also can be a big deciding factor.

Despite his string of failed adoptions, staff at the SPCA had grown to love the “sweet, cute” dog, Ranlet added. It is partly because of this that she took to Facebook for help getting the word out, writing “Help us break Ronald’s unlucky streak! 14 adoptions have fallen through for this lovely guy — mostly due to being too big/strong.”

“It’s true, he’s a big boy! But for his large frame, he only weighs 63 lbs,” added Ranlet. “Ronald knows his commands, takes treats super gently, and is 100% sweet. He truly is a very good boy.

“Now and then, if he gets excited, he might stand up and put his front paws on you or become a little mouthy. But he is a big puppy, after all! As long as you have reasonably sturdy footing, you’ll have no problem with Ronald. Plus, he loves treats and practicing his tricks, so he’ll be a great student for any training.”

Davis was one of the thousands who saw the post.

“I was like, ‘Oh, there’s no way I’m going to get him,'” she told the Post. “Someone, I’m sure, is going to scoop him up so fast. But I applied anyway.”

Her luck was in: Davis, who has two young boys, 4 and 7, along with a black Australian shepherd she rescued a couple of years ago, happened to be first on the list.

Agreeing to a five-week trial, she brought Ronald back home, surprising her kids with their latest family member in the living room.

They “just screamed with excitement,” said Davis of her kids. “Just right off the bat … I was like, ‘Oh, he’s perfect. He’s staying.'”

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