Robert Kraft is buying a Super Bowl ad to fight the rise of antisemitism

January 26, 2024

A Super Bowl ad set to be shown during the February 11 game in Las Vegas will highlight the rise of antisemitism, with a 30-second spot from “Stand Up to Jewish Hate,” a campaign from the nonprofit organization founded by Robert Kraft, the billionaire businessman and owner of the New England Patriots, reports CNN.

It’s the first time his Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS) is buying an ad during the “most visible platform,” which last year was watched by 113 million viewers and was the third most-watched television program of all time.

Specifics of the ad weren’t released, but the organization said it builds on its “work to inspire Americans of all backgrounds to be vocal upstanders for the Jewish community and to stand up against all forms of hate.”

The “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” ad campaign debuted a few years ago following several antisemitic incidents—including insidious comments from Kanye West (or Ye)—but has taken on new significance in recent months following the October 7 assault by Hamas militants in Israel and some U.S. college campuses becoming roiled in the subject.

A focal point of the “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” are its blue squares, which FCAS said are a “symbol of solidarity” for non-Jewish people to show their support for Jews by adding it to their social media presence.

“This message will make its debut at one of the country’s most significant cultural events to not only continue to push against indifference to Jewish hate, but also to celebrate those who stand up to all incidents of hate,” FCAS said in a press release.

According to FCAS research, 183 million posts on social media were related to antisemitism and Jewish culture in 2023—a 330% increase from the prior year. The organization said Google searches for “Kill Jews” increased by 1,800% in the past three months.

Research contact: @CNN