Reef adoption program by 4ocean: Every bracelet plants a coral and removes ocean plastic

November 22, 2023

On Sunday, November 19, 4ocean announced a new partnership to help restore damaged coral reefs while removing trash from oceans, rivers, and coastlines, reports Good News Network.

The Boca Raton, Florida-based for-profit organization—founded by two 20-something surfers, Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper, with a vision of cleaning the ocean and coastlines, one pound at a time—has been making bracelets from the 30 million pounds of plastic they’ve remove from waterways.

And through the new partnership, French Polynesia-based Coral Gardeners will plant a baby coral onto a damaged reef with every bracelet purchased.

Customers can choose from one of five colors, each representing a different coral species to be planted—and with a live streaming camera, can watch them grow.

In fact, buyers can track each coral’s growth until it is outplanted onto a reef in French Polynesia. The money for each bracelet will also pay for the removal of five pounds of trash.

Coral reefs are known as the rainforests of the sea and play a critical role in global ocean health. Unfortunately, scientists estimate that climate change and other human-induced factors have led to the loss of many of the planet’s coral reefs in the past 30 years.

The Restoration Collection from 4ocean and Coral Gardeners will help restore some of these damaged reefs through a coral adoption program. Every bracelet sold will plant a specific species of coral on the island of Mo’orea in French Polynesia.

The bracelets are handmade by 4ocean artisans in Bali using 100% recycled ocean plastic cord collected by 4ocean captains and crews. Each bracelet features a recycled glass bead and secondary colors that represent each planted coral.

“The Restoration Collection is one of the most exciting campaigns that 4ocean has been a part of to date and will have a huge impact on the ocean,” says 4ocean CEO and Co-founder Alex Schulze.

“We are thrilled to join forces with 4ocean to protect and restore the ocean. With this collaboration, everyone can join the movement and be able to watch their coral grow via our nursery livestream.” says Titouan Bernicot, Founder of Coral Gardeners.

The Restoration Collection of four bracelets start at $34 each—or as a box set for $150. Visit to order and learn more.

Research contact: @goodnewsnetwork