Raley’s launches a quarterly sampling box with assortment of 20 products for ‘top-tier’ customers

November 6, 2023

Raley’s—a family-owned grocery and retail technology company based in California—is launching a personalized sampling box for its loyal customers through a partnership with gifting services company Bunny James Boxes, reports Grocery Dive.

Set to roll out this fall, the Something Extra Sampler Box—named after the grocer’s Something Extra loyalty program—will include a curated selection of around 20 products. The boxes will get delivered to Raley’s “top-tier shoppers,” the company says.

The new box program comes at a time when grocers and retailers are innovating their sampling offerings to fuel product discovery, win customer loyalty, and find new ways to work with suppliers. The new sampling box is the latest move by Raley’s to up its personalized shopping experience, which is already a key focus of its loyalty program.

The Something Extra Sampler Box, which is “designed to create a fun, appreciation experience,” will include new products as well as customer favorites. The boxes will be delivered quarterly.

The program will collect customer data for Raley’s to help the grocer gain insights into customer preferences. Suppliers will also benefit from the customer data such as having visibility into consumer responses to survey questions about specific items. Participating suppliers will be able to see how the sampling program affects their in-store and online velocities.

The box builds on Raley’s efforts to support product innovation and discovery for new offerings. The company sponsors a food lab within the Lab@AgStart incubator in Woodland, California; which serves as a location for product experimentation, development, and testing.

Research contact: @GroceryDive