‘Psychic’ goat makes royal predictions about Meghan, Harry, and William

April 26, 2023

You herd it here first: A Scottish goat named Billy purportedly is able to predict the future using tarot cards— and he’s got some baaad news for the British royal family, reports the New York Post.

The six-year-old animal has performed a reading related to the royals, declaring that Prince Harry and Prince William will not make amends at their father’s upcoming coronation.

Billy has been forecasting the future for four years and his owner, Sue Zacharias, describes the pet’s predictions as “spookily accurate.”

A person who wants to know the answer to a question must first pet Billy for several minutes before presenting him with tarot cards, according to Zacharias.

“I have tarot cards especially for animals so he will choose a card with his mouth,” the eccentric owner explained.

Southwest News Service (SWNS) paid a visit to Billy in Jedburgh, Scotland, on Monday, April 27, to ask a series of questions about the royal family. First, they wanted to know whether warring William and Harry would call a truce in their ongoing feud. They presented the goat with “yes” and “no” cards, before Billy hesitated for “a couple of minutes” and ultimately chose “no.”

But while Harry won’t be happy with his brother, Billy believes the future looks bright with wife Meghan Markle. When asked whether the wayward royal will stay with Markle, the goat chose the “yes” card with his mouth.

Zacharias—who is working as an animal trainer on Ridley Scott’s next movie—told Southwest News Service (SWNS) that her grandmother was a talented fortune teller, who would read tea leaves for women whose husbands were at war in the 1940s.

She passed on her gift of being able to predict the future to her family members—and their pets.

Prior to owning Billy, Zacharias had another goat who was also able to foresee the future. After that animal died, her friend gave her Billy, who is the size of a Shetland Pony. She said that Billy “picked up the baton” and began to make accurate predictions.

“The really nice thing is it’s the goat doing a psychic reading,” Zacharias explained. “People do become calm when they stroke Billy, it’s like an epiphany.”

She added, “He’s hugely popular. When people see him they can’t believe he’s a fortune-telling goat,” the owner said.

Billy’s predictions come just days before the coronation of King Charles III, which is set for Saturday, May 6, at Westminster Abbey. The ceremony marks the official transfer of power to Charles after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died at 96 last September.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Harry will be in attendance, but without Markle. A recent report claimed that he would be sitting “ten rows back” from his estranged family at the ceremony.

Research contact: @nypost