Prepare to feel old: American Girl’s latest ‘historical’ doll evokes the 1980s

September 8, 2020

If you haven’t felt your age in a while, wait until you hear the latest toy industry news: American Girl has announced the release of this season’s “historical character” doll—and it’s Courtney Moore, a 1980s-era cutie-pie who loves arcade games, The Huffington Post reports. 

On September 15, the brand unveiled Courtney, whom it describes as, “a total ’80s girl who’s changing the game to find her inner hero.” Courtney joins an illustrious line of historical characters from American Girl, including Edwardian-era Samantha Parkington, Felicity Merriman from the time of the Revolutionary War, and civil rights activist Melody Ellison.

According to the press release, Courtney’s story takes place in 1986 and “reflects the pop culture of the decade from sky-high hair, neon-colored fashions, music television, and video gaming to major historical moments surrounding women in government and space exploration, as well as larger cultural shifts around blended families and emerging technology.”

As for Courtney, HuffPost reports that she is one of the top-scoring PAC-MAN players  at her local arcade in the fictional town of Orange Valley, California; and dreams of one day creating video games with more female characters. She has a blended family, her mom is running for mayor; and to make things super meta, she loves playing with her American Girl Molly doll―the World War II-era character that the brand debuted in 1986. In fact, Courtney has her own mini version of the Molly American Girl doll.

In addition to her Molly doll, Courtney’s accessories include a cassette player and tape, colorful bangle bracelets, fake Lip Smacker balm, a hot pink bunk bed with rainbow bedding, a see-through phone, Care Bears and Caboodles ― basically all of the cool products that ’80s kids remember fondly.

American Girl enlisted classic 1980s girl band The Go-Go’s to help announce the new character. Through a new partnership with Girls Who Code, the brand will also match customer donations dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000 through December 31 and provide four computer science-related scholarships to support the nonprofit’s mission to close the gender gap in technology.

Research contact: @HuffPost

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