Police fine a car owner after a speed camera appears to show a dog behind the wheel

October 3, 2023

A photograph taken by a speed camera in Slovakia appears to show a dog behind the wheel of a car. Police said the 31-year-old vehicle owner claimed that his dog suddenly had jumped onto his lap. Officers found no evidence to support his claim —no visual of abrupt movement in the car—and issued the “real” driver with a fine for violating traffic regulations. It is not clear how much he was fined, reports Business Insider.

The vehicle was traveling 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) an hour over the speed limit in the village of Šterusy, in western Slovakia. The image captured by a speed camera appears to show only a dog in the driver’s seat.

Slovakian police said in a post on Facebook on Friday, September 29, that the image showed a brown dog “sitting obediently behind the wheel of a Škoda,” per an English translation.

Following the strange incident, police urged drivers to properly secure all pets when traveling, as even small animals can endanger vehicle safety.

Research contact: @BusinessInsider